Convert Excel Spreadsheets to PDF using Python

This article will guide you to convert Excel Spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX) to PDF format in Python. Excel spreadsheets are widely used to maintain invoices, ledgers, inventory, accounts, and other reports. On the other hand, PDF is also one of the most commonly used formats and famous for its portability. Conversion among these two formats is widely required by users and programmers as well. Python was developed in the 1990s and is now continuing to be one of the best and …

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Translate Word or Excel Documents with REST API

Today we are looking into the translation REST API that can translate Word and Excel documents into other languages. With GroupDocs.Translation Cloud, any document can be translated from English to Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, or Spanish and vice versa. So here are the language pairs in which the translation can be done. English to Chinese & Chinese to English English to French & French to English English to German & German to English English to Italian & Italian to …

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Document Editor Cloud API – Edit Word, Excel, PPT & Web documents

Another good news for Cloud Developers! GroupDocs has launched the Document Editing Cloud API. This improves the document editing solution of GroupDocs. The solution already exists for .NET and Java developers as on-premises APIs, and as cross-platform online apps for any kind of user to edit a document online for free. The GroupDocs.Editor Cloud API along with SDKs allow developers to edit most of the popular document formats using front-end WYSIWYG editors without any additional applications. GroupDocs.Editor Cloud is the REST API …

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Watermark Cloud API & SDKs to Secure Documents

Good news for Cloud Developers! GroupDocs has launched the Watermark Cloud API. This enhances the GroupDocs watermark solution. It already exists as on-premises APIs for .NET and Java developers and as cross-platform online apps for any kind of user. Watermark Cloud API along with SDKs allow developers to secure important documents with watermarks, that are hard to be automatically removed by third-party tools. GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud is the REST API that provides all main features to secure the documents and managing …

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GroupDocs Cloud December Pricing Update

Simplifying Pricing for New Customers We have updated the GroupDocs Cloud pricing structure to simplify it for new customers. Previously some API calls were “chargeable” while other API calls were not. If an API call created a document or meaningful result, then it was chargeable. If an API call did not create a document or result, then it was not chargeable. However, there were some ‘grey areas’ with certain GroupDocs Cloud products where customers were confused about whether they should …

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GroupDocs.Storage Cloud has been Discontinued

GroupDocs is glad to share with you that GroupDocs.Storage Cloud API features are now more simplified. Files and folders storage and their manipulation are no more dependent on the separate GroupDocs.Storage Cloud API, however, these features are available as micro-service within every GroupDocs Cloud API. To be very precise, “GroupDocs.Storage Cloud has been discontinued as a separate product”. What existing users can do? GroupDocs.Storage Cloud API and following SDKs will only remain available on the public repositories like GitHub, NuGet, …

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A REST API Solution to Parse Documents and Extract Data

GroupDocs is exiting to share first version of GroupDocs.Parser Cloud. It is an out of box platform independent REST API Solution to Parse and Extract data from all common business file formats without depending on any third-party tool or plugin. Developers can integrate it with their web, desktop, mobile, or cloud application without any major learning curve because it can be used on any platform or language that supports REST. What is GroupDocs.Parser Cloud? Suppose you are developing a document …

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Introducing Document Parser REST API Solution – GroupDocs.Parser Cloud

We’re pleased to share insight of upcoming GroupDocs.Parser Cloud API, a new addition to product list. GroupDocs.Parser Cloud is a document parsing solution. As a developer, you’ll be able to add document parsing feature in your applications on any platform without depending on any third-party plugin or tool. The main feature of this REST API will be to parse documents on user-defined templates to extract data from your invoices, quotation or other kinds of business documents. Some of the …

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A REST API Solution to Merge and Split Documents – GroupDocs.Merger Cloud

To ensure GroupDocs REST APIs position as leader of Document Manipulation APIs, we are working hard to introduce new features and APIs for your daily use cases. As we announced earlier, we’re in the process to add a new REST API in GroupDocs REST APIs collection. We’re happy to release first version of GroupDocs.Merger Cloud. It is a universal REST API solution to merge and split a wide range of document formats on any platform, without installing any plugin or …

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