GroupDocs Newsletter August 2013 – Enhancements to All GroupDocs Document Management Apps

The GroupDocs’ team has implemented lots of app enhancements in July. We’ve added many new features to GroupDocs’ apps. We’ve also integrated GroupDocs with many different platforms.

Notable enhancements and integrations include:

Stay tuned for:

  • GroupDocs File Sync: a file synchronization app, keep your GroupDocs files synced across your various computers and our cloud service.
  • GroupDocs Annotation for .NET: ASP.NET DLL version with similar functionality as GroupDocs’ online annotation app.
  • GroupDocs Signature for .NET. ASP.NET DLL version with similar functionality as GroupDocs’ online signature app.

This month, we’ve enhanced the GroupDocs apps, launched various plugins for several CMSs and updated our GroupDocs SDKs.

  • HTML5 document viewer prototype.
  • New document type support – Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Outlook.

  • Icons and color customization.

  • Desktop notifications in Version 2 of GroupDocs Signature.
  • Automatic status update to envelopes in the dashboard.
  • Notification to logged-in recipient about the new incoming envelopes: if you’re logged in, and receive an envelope for signing, an instant desktop notification message is displayed.
  • Create signatures in multiple colours.
  • Rename a document within an envelope.
  • Cancel an envelope.
  • In-person and direct signing.
  • Notification email to the owner of an electronic signature form: you create a form, publish it, and then share the form link with multiple signers. As soon as the signers sign the shared form, you’ll receive a status notification email.
  • The signed document is attached in the notification email to the form owner.

  • Mail merge for PowerPoint documents.

  • Ability to open or stream a document from a URL

  • Published GroupDocs add-on for CloudControl.

  • Various bug fixes and app enhancements.






Expect these exciting features soon:

  • GroupDocs App Sync: a new real-time synchronization application that lets you synchronize files or folders from your computer with your GroupDocs account. You can also access documents within your GroupDocs account from your computer. The GroupDocs Sync app installer will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • GroupDocs Annotation for .NET (early adopter version): The ASP.NET Library (DLL) version of GroupDocs Annotation with similar functionality as our GroupDocs’ online annotation app.
  • GroupDocs Signature for .NET (early adopter version): The ASP.NET Library (DLL) version of GroupDocs Signature with similar functionality as our GroupDocs’ online signature app.

  • Using already prepared envelope with different documents.
  • Comments/notes from signers during the electronic signature execution.
  • Real-time chat between owner and signers while reviewing the same envelope.

  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin for dotCMS
  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Mendix

  • GroupDocs Assembly plugin for dotCMS
  • GroupDocs Assembly plugin for Salesforce

  • GroupDocs Annotation plugin for dotCMS
  • GroupDocs Annotation plugin for Joomla

  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Joomla
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for dotCMS

  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for concrete5
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for Plone
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for dotCMS
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for Typo3 CMS

Here is the recent community activity:

The following are the blog highlights from July:

Thank you for choosing GroupDocs.

The GroupDocs Team