Get up and running quickly with GroupDocs.Total for Cloud API using the latest SDK version for your programming language

GroupDocs.Total for Cloud APIGroupDocs.Total for Cloud API is a suite of RESTful APIs that allows developers to seamlessly add powerful document collaboration functionality to their web-based and mobile applications, sites or 3rd party cloud services. The suite currently includes the following APIs:

GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API
GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud is an online document viewer API that enables end users to view and securely share common document types on the web, without having to install any office software. Supported document formats include: PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, CAD, multi-page TIFF and many more. GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API comes with a web-based GUI that can be easily customized with your own CSS and embedded into your app or site as a document viewing widget. For more details on the document viewer API, please see this page.

GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud API
GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud is a document annotation API that allows end users to review and collaboratively annotate PDF, Microsoft Office and other common document types on the web. The API allows multiple users to annotate the same document simultaneously. Users can see each other’s annotations and comments and reply to them in real time. For more details on the document annotation API, please see this page.

GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud API
GroupDocs.Assembly allows you to generate essential business documents on-the-fly by automatically merging your PDF or Microsoft Word templates with data obtained via online forms. GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud provides API for designing and publishing online forms associated with your templates, collecting data via the forms and incorporating it into the templates. For more details on the document assembly API, please see this page.

GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud API
GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud is a secure electronic signature API that allows you to easily add e-signature functionality to your web-based application, site or business process. The API allows you to build custom electronic signature workflows of any complexity, or embed an out-of-the box GUI as is to let end users sign documents online without leaving your application or site. For more details on the electronic signature API, please see this page.

GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud API
GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud is a document comparison API that enables end users to compare two versions of PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ODT, plain text or HTML documents online, without having to install the original software used to create the documents. This API comes with a web-based diff view GUI that displays differences found between compared documents and can be easily embedded to your web application or site. For more details on the document comparison API, please see this page.

GroupDocs.Conversion for Cloud API
GroupDocs.Conversion for Cloud is a universal document conversion API that allows you to convert back and forth between over 50 common document and image types. To name just a few, it allows you to convert DOC to PDF, DOCX to TIFF, PDF to DOC, PDF to HTML, XLS to CSV, RTF to DOC, HTML to JPEG, PDF to TIFF, PPT to JPEG, XLSX to HTML, MSG to PDF and many more. For more details on the document conversion API and supported file formats, please see this page.

GroupDocs Cloud SDK for Your Programming Language

To help developers on different platforms and programming environments configure, customize and integrate GroupDocs’ document collaboration tools into any web/mobile application or site, we’ve developed SDKs that make it easy to call GroupDocs Cloud APIs. Currently we offer Cloud SDKs for .NET, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript.

Recently we’ve released an update to GroupDocs.Total for Cloud API with over 20 minor improvements and bug fixes. In particular, we’ve improved handling of Google Picker file uploads, added the ability of requesting user account removal from the profile page, improved handling of DOC to DOCX conversion operations, streamlined the process of integrating GroupDocs with the Box cloud storage provider, implemented a number of GUI style fixes, etc. In conjunction with updated APIs, we’ve also released new SDK versions with the updated UploadGoogle method (added parameters: url, description, accessToken; removed parameters: path, field), StorageInfoResult class (added a new property – used_documents) and a new method – SetCreditCard.

The latest versions of GroupDocs Cloud SDKs can be downloaded from:

For more details on GroupDocs.Total for Cloud API and to start a free trial, please go to: