GroupDocs.Comparison for Java and more from GroupDocs, October 2016

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October, 2016
Introducing GroupDocs.Comparison for Java
Based on the positive feedback from .NET developers, GroupDocs team successfully ported GroupDocs.Comparison for Java API from Next Generation GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET. The API provides facility to compare and merge supported document formats with a few lines of code.

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GroupDocs.Total for Net
Product News
Product News
GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 3.4.0 introduces several new features
User’s trust and feedback always motivates us to make improvements and add more features in the monthly releases of our Document Comparison APIs. Therefore we are happy to announce GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 3.4.0 with several new useful features. Read more details in this post.
GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET 1.7.0 provides support for MP3 formats
GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET version 1.7.0 is available now. Code is redefined by decreasing number of namespaces for easy integration. One major enhancement is support for MP3 format. So management of audio format metadata is more easy with this release. Read more details in this post.
GroupDocs.Search for .NET 1.2.0 comes up with support for more office document formats
GroupDocs.Search for .NET 1.2.0 is available now with support of more Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. There is enhancement in Search API in form of user warnings with not supported seach settings in Fuzzy search, Regular expression and Synonym search. Some more enhancements in similarity level setting for Fuzzy search and total hit count for search results in this release. Read more details in this post.
GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 3.5.0 introduces faster performance
GroupDocs team is pleased pleased to announce the release of GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 3.5.0 with much better speed and performance when converting between 50 plus document and image formats. This is fifth monthly release of GroupDocs.Conversion API which is now more faster and more reliable. Read more details in this post.
From The Library
From The Library
GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET MVC Front End integration with SharePoint 2013
Now, it’s quite easy for SharePoint developers to work with GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Front End. GroupDocs team proudly announces the addition of SharePoint Plugin for GroupDocs.Annotaion for .NET. This plugin permits SharePoint developers to explore and investigate GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Front End. It demonstrates how GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET can be integrated with SharePoint. Read more details in this post.
Metadata Editor powered by GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET 
Are you looking for some metadata editing tool to manipulate your files? Your search is over as the Metadata Editor powered by GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET is out and available now. Metadata Editor is a desktop application that demonstrates how to view and update the metadata information attached with the supported file formats using GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET API. Read more details in this post.
Servlets Front End powered by GroupDocs.Comparison for Java
The front-end is developed using Java Servlets. It is capable enough to accept two documents of common formats from the user and compare and highlight their differences in a third result file of same format. Common document formats for comparison include word processing documents (like Microsoft Word), spreadsheets (like Microsoft Excel), presentations (e.g. PowerPoint), and Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. Read more details in this post.
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GroupDocs.Total for .NET GroupDocs.Total for Java GroupDocs.Total for Cloud APIs

Product Releases and Updates
GroupDocs.Total for .NET – The latest versions of our .NET products packaged into one product suite.
GroupDocs.Total for Java – The latest versions of our Java products packaged into one product suite.
GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 3.5.0 – 5 New Features and 4 Improvements
GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 3.2.0 – New Product ported from GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 3.2.0
GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET 1.7.0 – 5 New Features and 3 Improvements
GroupDocs.Search for .NET 1.2.0 – 6 New Features and Improvements
GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 3.5.0 3 Improvements and Bug Fixes
Check out for more releases.
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