Introduction of PHP SDK in Next Generation GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud 18.4

GroupDocs team is always trying to provide out of the box solutions for their users, this time we are glad to introduce Next Generation GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud 18.4 with PHP SDK. This monthly release is providing Five new features like PHP SDK, comparisons of annotations, Image and html comparison features. This release is also included Eleven API improvements like displaying of tables in PDF and Add page mapper for Note format etc. along with Eight Bug Fixes. Please follow the release notes here for further details. Complete API changes is listed below:

New Features – GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud

  • Added PHP SDK for GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud
  • Comparison.PDF: Implement annotations comparing
  • Implement Comparison Imaging
  • Implement the process absorbing of tables with merged cells
  • Implement Comparison.Html

Improvements – GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud API

  • Add public bool property LicenseChecker
  • Improve displaying of tables in PDF
  • Improve page mapper for PDF.
  • Comparison.PDF: fix filled cells on tables
  • Add page mapper for Note format
  • Comparison.Note: Improve comparison of table
  • Improve displaying of tables in PDF
  • Implement image update changes by shapes
  • Implement image update changes by zone
  • Improve registration of changes by groups
  • Improve Comparison.Imaging

Bug Fixes – GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud 18.4

  • Fix issue with filled cells on PDF
  • PDF Comparison issue
  • Fix ColumnMerger problem
  • Issues in comparison of table of contents
  • Fatal error in ParagraphDiffIndex
  • Issues with comparing data in tables
  • PPTX comparison output is hidden under some panel
  • PDF Comparison – scrambled/text overlapped output

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud – PHP SDK

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud PHP SDK is now available for public use. It is a wrapper around REST APIs, that allows you to work with GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud REST APIs in PHP 5.5 or higher quickly and easily, gaining all benefits of strong types and IDE highlights. The distribution is available at Packagist and the source code at GitHub.

PHP SDK Example – GoupDocs.Comparison Cloud API

//TODO: Get your AppSID and AppKey at (free registration is required).
$configuration = new Configuration();

$comparisonApi = new ComparisonApi($configuration);

try { 

        $targetArray = array();
        $targetNames = array('target.docx');
        foreach ($targetNames as $targetName){
            array_push($targetArray,new ComparisonFileInfo(
                    'folder' => 'comparison',
                    'name' => $targetName,
                    'password' => ''

        $request = new Requests\ComparisonRequest(new ComparisonRequest([
            'sourceFile'=>new ComparisonFileInfo(
                    'folder' => '',
                    'name' => 'source.docx',
                    'password' => ''
            'targetFiles'=> $targetArray,
            'settings'=> new ComparisonRequestSettings(
                    'insertedItemsStyle' => new StyleSettingsValues(
                            'color' => new Color([
                            'beginSeparatorString' => '',
                            'endSeparatorString' => ''
                    'deletedItemsStyle' => new StyleSettingsValues(
                            'color' => new Color([
                            'beginSeparatorString' => '',
                            'endSeparatorString' => ''
                    'styleChangedItemsStyle' => new StyleSettingsValues(
                            'color' => new Color([
                            'beginSeparatorString' => '',
                            'endSeparatorString' => ''
                    'wordsSeparatorChars' => array(),
                    'metaData' => new ComparisonMetadataValues(

                    'cloneMetadata' => "Source",
                    'passwordSaveOption' => "User",
                    'detailLevel' => "Low",

            'changes'=>array(new ComparisonChange([
                'id' => 0,
                'action' => 'Accept'

        $response = $comparisonApi->comparison($request);
        echo  $response;
  } catch (Exception $e) {
        echo  "Error message: ",  $e->getMessage(), "\n";

API Explorer

The GroupDocs Cloud provides an Web API explorer to try out our API right away in your browser. It is a collection of Swagger documentation for the GroupDocs Cloud APIs. Using Web API explorer, you can get information about all the resources in the API. It also provides testing and interactivity to our API endpoint documentation. Please click here for further details.


GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud API is providing SDKs to use its features in your favorite platform such as .NET. The SDKs are hosted on our GitHub repository along with working examples, to get you started in no time.

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud API Resources

You may visit the following API resources for getting started and working with the API.

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