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GroupDocs.Classification Cloud is Launching Soon!

GroupDocs is the market leader of document manipulation APIs. It provides a wide range of APIs, covering all popular file formats. We are excited to introduce another unique product: GroupDocs.Classification Cloud REST API. It will perform classification to known categories. …

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Support of Outlook Data Files and Set List to Exclude Fonts in GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 18.11

We are happy to announce GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 18.11 release. This release includes some new features, enhancements and other bug fixes that further improve the overall stability and usability of the API. We have introduced the support of PST, OST, CGM …

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GroupDocs.Cloud January 2019 – 25% off GroupDocs.Total Cloud APIs for 12 Months

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January 2019

Holiday Offer – Get 25% off GroupDocs.Total Cloud APIs

Get 25% off GroupDocs.Total Cloud APIs

GroupDocs.Total Cloud brings together all GroupDocs APIs in one suite of Cloud APIs and is great value for money. This holiday season GroupDocs is

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Releasing Ruby SDK for GroupDocs.Signature Cloud

GroupDocs.Signature CloudWe are pleased to announce Ruby SDK of GroupDocs.Signature Cloud. This SDK supports all features introduced in GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API. Number of test cases are available in Ruby SDK to understand GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API and implement its features in your …

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