GroupDocs.Annotation is a web-based application that enables end users to collaboratively annotate common document and image types online using any standard web-browser. GroupDocs.Annotation can be potentially integrated into any 3rd party web-based application or website. Specifically for PimCore developers and site owners we’ve developed a series of plugins that make the integration process a breeze. Below are the key features and benefits you get when integrating GroupDocs.Annotation into your website:

1. An embeddable web-based interface. GroupDocs.Annotation comes with a convenient document annotation interface that can be easily customized with your own CSS and embedded to any web-page using iframes. The interface provides a comprehensive set of annotation tools that allow end users to easily review and annotate documents directly on your web-site. In particular, users can flawlessly navigate large multi-page documents, quickly jump to a specified page, preview document pages with thumbnails, search for text within documents using keywords, add sticky notes, highlight text with underlines/strikethroughs, draw freehand lines and rectangles, drop arrows, comment on selected text and images, etc.

2. Multiple file formats support. Thanks to support for over 50 file formats, GroupDocs.Annotation enables end users to annotate virtually any document, image or drawing. To name a few, supported file types include: PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook, Visio, CAD, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and many more.

3. Cross-platform compatibility. Documents embedded to your website can be reviewed and annotated from any web-enabled device with a standard web-browser. You don’t have to worry about whether end users have the software required to open and edit a document.

4. Collaborative annotation sessions. GroupDocs.Annotation allows multiple users to annotate the same document simultaneously. Users can invite colleagues, partners and customers to review a document during a shared online session, see each other’s’ comments and reply to them in real-time.

5. Flexible deployment options. Finally, there are several deployment options you can choose from depending on your preferences. GroupDocs.Annotation is available as a downloadable .NET or Java library for on-premises deployment. These options allow you to host the application along with documents locally using your own infrastructure. We also offer GroupDocs.Annotation as an on-demand cloud-based service, which is hosted using secure Amazon EC2 infrastructure. For each of the deployment options we’ve developed individual plugins to make it easy to integrate GroupDocs.Annotation into your PimCore website.

For more details on GroupDocs.Annotation, supported file formats and deployment options, please see this page. For more details on the plugins, please visit the official PimCore marketplace: