We are glad to announce the release of the GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud add-on for Concrete5. It allows you to embed documents along with an annotation widget to your Concrete5 web-pages. The embedded documents can then be shared with users for online review and collaborative annotation. Among supported file formats are: PDF and Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Visio diagrams, CAD drawings and raster images (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF). In total, GroupDocs.Annotation allows users to annotate over 50 types of documents and images right on your website. What is important, you don’t have to worry about whether your Concrete5 users have the software required to work with the documents. You just embed a document to your website and it can be viewed/annotated using any standard web-browser. Basically, GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud is software and platform independent. Users in a distributed team can share, view and annotate documents from anywhere at any time and using any web-enabled device. Combined with a multi-user annotation session feature, this brings your document collaboration workflow to a completely new level. Instead of emailing a document back and forth between involved parties until it is finally approved, users can review it online, see each other’s comments/annotations and reply to them in real time. GroupDocs.Annotation also provides unmatched security for your documents. All view/annotation sessions are made through encrypted SSL connections. And thanks to the Digital Rights Management feature, you can share documents in a “read-only” mode. It prevents users from downloading, printing or copy/pasting the documents embedded to your website. Additionally, you can redact sensitive data within documents and add watermarks to protect your content from screen-grabbing. UPD: In addition to this cloud-based version of the GroupDocs.Annotation, we’ve recently released a downloadable .NET library which can be deployed on-premises. In case you prefer to store and host your documents locally, please consider our new Concrete5 add-on developed specifically for the.NET library. If you prefer the SaaS distribution model, you’re welcome to try out our cloud-based app and download the Concrete5 add-on to integrate the app into your website. Also, please see this page for detailed installation instructions. Your feedback is valuable to us and we are open to your suggestions. Please post your query, problem or suggestion in the GroupDocs forum.