Here at GroupDocs, we constantly develop new integrations that help developers on different platforms seamlessly add comprehensive document collaboration functionality to 3rd party applications, cloud services and content management systems. Today we have good news for ExpressionEngine developers and site owners. Recently we’ve released a new plugin that makes it easy to integrate [GroupDocs.Annotation for Java]( into ExpressionEngine sites. The plugin has been approved by ExpressionEngine admins and is now available for download on the official ExpressionEngine marketplace. When deployed, GroupDocs.Annotation for Java allows you to embed a convenient annotation widget on any page within your website. End users can then review and annotate essential business documents and image files online, directly on your website. Supported file formats include: PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, OpenDocument, CAD, TIFF, PNG, JPEG and many more. GroupDocs.Annotation for Java is platform and browser independent. It allows end users to annotate documents using any standard web-browser. There is no need to install any office suites or browser plugins. And thanks to the real-time annotation mode, several users located in different places can collaboratively annotate the same document simultaneously. During such multi-user annotation sessions, reviewers can place annotations, see each other’s comments and reply to them instantly. There is no more need of emailing back and forth documents between involved parties until they are finally approved. Getting documents reviewed has never been easier before! This new Java plugin is the third in a series we’ve released for GroupDocs.Annotation. Earlier we’ve already published plugins that allow you to integrate GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET and GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud. Now you have a choice to integrate any of the available GroupDocs.Annotation versions, depending on your deployment preferences. For more details on the plugins and installation instructions, please visit the ExpressionEngine marketplace at: GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET GroupDocs.Annotation for Java GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud