Getting documents approved in a busy workflow can be cumbersome. Multiple review iterations and the need to distribute documents between all involved parties may hamper productivity and stop employees from focusing on what matters. GroupDocs.Annotation is the solution that can bring the document review process to a completely different dimension. It allows multiple parties to review and annotate a document online during conference review sessions. GroupDocs.Annotation works in such a way that users can upload a document on a web-page, invite colleagues, partners and customers to review it, add annotations and reply to others’ comments in real time. This eliminates the need of emailing documents back and forth between the involved parties, allows users to avoid excessive paperwork and get documents approved faster. Specifically for the eZ Publish CMS, GroupDocs released 3 add-ons that allow eZ Publish developers to seamlessly integrate GroupDocs.Annotation into their sites: you can choose between a cloud-based SaaS deployment, or use the downloadable .NET or Java libraries for on-premises deployment. Regardless of the deployment option you prefer, with these add-ons integration is easy, so that you can setup everything and get started in minutes. Once installed, your website users will be able to view and collaboratively annotate over 50 common document and image types directly within your eZ Publish site. To name just a few, supported file formats include: Microsoft Word and PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Outlook messages, Visio diagrams, CAD drawings and raster images. What is important, documents embedded to your site can be viewed and annotated using any modern web-browser, such as Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari5+. End users don’t have to download and install any office suites or browser plugins, while you don’t have to worry about whether users have the software required to open a particular document. Combined with a comprehensive set of annotation tools, support for native PDF and Microsoft Word annotations, ability to export any annotated document to a PDF file with annotations burned in, GroupDocs.Annotation ensures a faster and more convenient document review process in workflows of any complexity. For more details on GroupDocs.Annotation features and deployment options, please see this page. All GroupDocs.Annotation add-ons have been approved and published on the official eZ Publish marketplace: GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET GroupDocs.Annotation for Java GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud