GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud is a platform independent REST API to annotate documents, that can be used with any language in Cloud Application/Websites. We are pleased to announce Next Generation GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud 18.4. The core library of GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud has also been updated to GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 18.4. The major feature offered in this release is introduction of PHP SDK along with other improvements and bug fixes. Please check the detailed release notes of this version to get an idea about all the new features, improvements and fixes made in this release.


PHP SDK of GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud is introduced in this version. It is a wrapper around REST APIs, that allows you to work with GroupDocs.Annotaiton Cloud REST APIs in PHP 5.5 or higher quickly and easily, gaining all benefits of strong types and IDE highlights. The distribution is available at Packagist and the source code at GitHub. The SDK includes working examples, to get you started in no time. We are also in process to introduce SDKs for other popular platforms e.g. Ruby, Java, Python etc.

Improvement and Fixes

Below the list of the most notable features improvements and fixes for GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud 18.4:

  • Introduction of PHP SDK for GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud
  • Improved Replacement annotation for text in different paragraphs
  • Fixed import text field for Diagram documents
  • Fixed bug with import text annotations from pdf
  • Fixed resizing image when user pass width and height
  • Fixed creating of Arrow annotation for Diagrams
  • Fixed issue with wrong distance structure after export in diagram
  • Fixed issue with wrong polyline structure after export in diagram
  • Fixed bug with hanging of sample while importing distance annotation for slides
  • Fixed bug when importing area annotation
  • Fixed bug with importing annotations for diagrams
  • Improved export of underline text annotation for PDF
  • Improved export strikeout text annotation for PDF was
  • Improved creating annotations from colored or transparent text
  • Fixed transparent text for all formats
  • Fixed bug when importing text for textfield annotation in Diagrams
  • Improved export of text annotations in PDF format
  • Implemented adding annotations to metadata for Slides and Words formats
  • Implement import using metadata for Images
  • Improved Images annotating
  • Improved using metadata for annotating PDF documents
  • Refactored and improved annotating Images
  • Fixed issue when images cleanup leaves artifacts after annotations removing
  • Fixed wrong annotation range if other annotation has already been created in the same location for Words documents

GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud Resources

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