Upcoming Release of GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud

We are pleased to share that the first release of GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud REST API is about to launch. It is a document automation and reports generation REST API designed to create custom documents from the templates. This REST API intelligently assembles the given data with the defined template document and generates an output document based on the data source, in the template’s format as well as in the specified output format. GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud REST API will give you a rich set of document automation and report generation features on any platform with minimal learning curve. The REST API itself does not require any additional software. However, you will require Microsoft Office in order to create templates just like you create docs.

Salient features

  • Supports Reports of Numerous Types, e.g., Charts, Lists, Tables, Images and more
  • Perform Ordinal, Cardinal, Alphabetic Numeric Formatting in Template Syntax
  • Capable to Manipulate Data using Formulae & Sequential Data Operations
  • Format Strings in Template Syntax to be Upper, Lower, Capital, FirstCap
  • Define Variables in Template Documents
  • Dynamically Insert Contents of Outer Documents to your Reports
  • Dynamically Generate Barcode Image in Reports & Set Background Color for HTML Documents
  • Dynamically Assign Attributes to Email Message Body & Insert Hyperlinks in Reports
  • Dynamically Build Email Message Attachments
  • Support for Analogue of Microsoft Word NEXT Field
  • Update Fields while Assembling Word Processing Documents
  • Calculate Formula while Assembling Spreadsheet Documents
  • Format Numeric, Text, Image, Chart, Date-Time Elements of Template
  • Perform Conditional Text Formatting of Template Elements
  • Use LINQ-Based Syntax for Template
  • Change File Format of the Assembled Document using File Extension or Explicit Specs
  • Automatically Remove Empty Paragraphs

Supported formatsGroupDocs.Assembly Cloud REST API supports following file formats:

  • Word: DOC, DOCX, DOT, DOTX, DOTM, DOCM, RTF, WordprocessingML (XML)
  • Excel: XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, XLT, XLTM, XLTX, SpreadsheetML (XML)
  • Outlook: EML, EMLX, MSG
  • OpenOffice Document Formats: ODT, OTT, ODS, ODP
  • Email: MHT, MHTML
  • Web: HTML
  • Other: TXT

Data Sources:

  • XML
  • JSON

Our first version

We are currently in the process of preparing Examples and Documentation for this new product. We have planned to release the first version of GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud REST API soon with features shared above. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to write on groupdocs.cloud Forum. Please stay tuned to this blog for further updates.