Generate HTML Report from XML Data in Python using Rest API

Use the GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud API to generate dynamic HTML reports with XML data in Python.
· Muhammad Umer · 4 min

Display JSON Data on an HTML Page in Python using REST API

Generate dynamic Python reports with JSON data using GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud API. Display JSON data on HTML pages with charts, tables, and more for engaging content. A step-by-step guide with samples.
· Muhammad Umer · 4 min

Upcoming Release of GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud

We are pleased to share that the first release of GroupDocs.Assembly Cloud REST API is about to launch. It is a document automation and reports generation REST API designed to create custom documents from the templates. This REST API intelligently assembles the given data with the defined template document and generates an output document based on the data source, in the template’s format as well as in the specified output format.
· Tilal Ahmad · 2 min