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In today’s data-driven world, Excel files play a crucial role in storing and analyzing information. Often, we need to compare two or more Excel (XLS, XLSX) spreadsheets to identify differences between them, especially in collaborative work environments or when tracking changes in large datasets. Java developers can streamline this process by utilizing REST APIs like GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud and its corresponding SDK for Java. In this blog post, we will explore how to **compare Excel files and highlight differences using these tools.

Table of Contents

  1. What is GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud?
  2. Setting up the Environment
  3. Comparing Excel Files and Highlighting Differences
  4. Using the Free Online App
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud?

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud is a powerful cloud-based API that enables developers to perform document comparison tasks across various formats, including Excel, Word, PDF, and more. It offers a comprehensive set of features for comparing and merging documents programmatically. By integrating GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud into your Java application, you can automate the process of detecting differences between Excel files and presenting them in a user-friendly way.

2. Setting up the Environment


Before we delve into the implementation, make sure you have the following prerequisites in place:

  • Java Development Kit (JDK) installed.
  • GroupDocs account to obtain API credentials.
  • Basic understanding of REST APIs and Java programming.

Obtaining API Credentials:

To get started, sign up for a GroupDocs cloud account and create an application. The dashboard will provide you with the necessary credentials (App SID and App Key) to authenticate your requests.

Adding the GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud SDK for Java:

To incorporate the SDK into your Java project, you can either download API’s JAR file or install it using Maven by adding the following repository and dependency into your project’s pom.xml file:

Maven Repository:

    <name>GroupDocs Artifact Repository</name>

Maven Dependency:


3. Comparing Excel Files and Highlighting Differences

Start the Initialization of the API Client

To configure the API client, please acquire your Client ID and Client Secret from the dashboard. Next, insert the provided code as shown in the example below:

Uploading the Excel Document

Before comparing Excel files, it is essential to first upload the XLS/XLSX spreadsheets that you intend to use for comparison. You can accomplish this by employing any of the subsequent approaches to upload the file to a cloud storage platform:

  • Upload all files one by one using Upload File API from the browser.
  • Using the dashboard.
  • Upload programmatically using the code example given below:

Consequently, the uploaded files will be accessible within the [files section][] of your cloud dashboard.

Comparing Two Excel Files and Highlight Differences in Java

Here are the steps and sample code that show how to compare two Excel files in Java using Excel files comparison REST API.

  1. Create a Configuration object with client ID and client secret.
  2. Initialize a CompareApi instance using the configuration.
  3. Define a FileInfo object for the source file.
  4. Define a FileInfo object for the target file.
  5. Configure comparison options, specify the source and target files, and set the output path.
  6. Create a ComparisonsRequest with the options and call the comparisons method to obtain a comparison link.

The following code example shows how to compare two Excel files and highlight the differences in Java using Excel file comparison REST API.

Compare 2 Excel Sheets

Source and Target Excel Files

Compare two Excel spreadsheets using Java

Compare two Excel spreadsheets in Java using REST API.

Download Resultant Excel File

The code provided in the previous step is responsible for storing the resulting file in the cloud. To retrieve and download it, you can utilize the following code snippet.

4. Using Free Online Excel Files Comparison App

As a bonus, we offer a free online app that allows you to compare Excel files without writing a single line of code. Simply upload your files, and the app will generate a comparison report for you. It’s a handy tool for quick comparisons or if you don’t have access to a development environment. This application has been developed utilizing the previously mentioned comparison REST API.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud free to use?

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud offers a free trial with limited usage. For more extensive usage, you can choose from various pricing plans that suit your needs.

What other document formats does GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud support?

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud supports a wide range of document formats, including Word (DOC, DOCX), PDF, PowerPoint(PPT, PPTX), and more.

Can I integrate GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud with other programming languages?

Yes, GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud offers SDKs for multiple programming languages, making it accessible for developers using various technologies. Please visit the API docs for the details.


In conclusion, comparing Excel files and highlighting differences using Java and GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud is a powerful and efficient way to manage your data analysis tasks. Whether you’re working on financial reports, data reconciliation, or any other Excel-related project, this combination of tools will save you time and effort while ensuring accuracy. Don’t forget to explore the free online app for quick comparisons. Happy coding!

Additionally, for a comprehensive exploration of the GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud API, please refer to our comprehensive documentation. We also offer an API reference section, allowing you to interact directly with and visualize our APIs right in your web browser. You can freely access the entire source code for the Python SDK on GitHub.

Furthermore, we consistently publish new blog articles that dive into various file formats and parsing techniques using our REST API. Feel free to reach out to us for the latest updates. Enjoy your coding adventure!

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