Guys! New version of Groupdocs.Comparison Cloud 19.5 is here. Your feedback and interest in our Document Comparison Cloud API keeps us motivated to implement new features. It is all new API; in this version we have implemented the API as a Microservice. It improves the performance and stability of the API. New API has less methods and options. We have also introduced new methods for cloud storage operations in GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud API. I will give you an overview of some of the new features in the following sections. For complete details of new features and enhancement, please check the release notes of this version.

New API Version

We have introduced V2 API Version in 19.5 version and following base URL will be used. Please note V1 will remain available.


For improved security, we have introduced JWT(JSON Web Token) authentication in this release. OAuth2 and URL signing authentication methods are not supported any more by V2 API Version. Let us show you how to get JWT Access Token.

Storage APIs

Now onward, you do not need to use GroupDocs.Storage Cloud REST API for storage operations. GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud API has introduced following API methods for the purpose.

File API – Introduced methods for upload, download, copy, move, delete files : input documents and rendering results, in the cloud storage

Upload file to Storage

Download file from Storage

Folder API - Introduced methods for create, copy, move, delete folders in the cloud storage

Storage API - Introduced methods for getting storage information and file information

Comparison API

In this digital era, Document comparison is a basic requirement of individuals and organizations for their legal and financial tasks. And GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud REST API is a proven API for developers to add this feature in their applications without worrying about platform dependence. It can be used on any platform without any third party software. It provides simple methods to compare most popular business file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Images, Email, Html, Note). Following API methods

Comparisons - Compares source and target documents and returns a link to saved result

POST ​/comparison​/comparisons

Changes - Retrieves a list of changes between source and target documents

POST ​/comparison​/changes

Update - Accepts or rejects changes to the resultant document and returns a link to saved result

PUT ​/comparison​/updates

Here we will show you how easily you can compare two versions of the same document for changes with default Comparisonoptions and get result document path. You just need to upload source and target document to storage and call comparisons API method. This is how you can achieve this tasks using cURL, however you can refer to the complete list of available SDKs to use GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud API directly in your favorite platform.

Got a question or Bug? Please feel free to drop us a comment below or post a question in support forum. It helps us to continually improve and refine our API.

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