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October, 2014

Need quick and easy online comparison features?

GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud API is a REST API that lets developers add comparison features to their applications quickly. It offers fast comparison between documents and displays differences with an intuitive redline view. Changes can be accepted or rejected, and the combined document can be downloaded for convenient offline editing, while integrating with your application’s business logic.

Product News

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Library

  • Added the ability to rotate the orientation of pages for PDF and image files.
  • Added support for configuring watermark text when viewing documents using the HTML-based viewing engine.
  • Russian localization.

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Library

  • Allow access to print view options when printing.
  • Navigate annotations using a tab-based view.
  • Increased UI usability including quick annotation selection, and numerous bug fixes.
  • Improved annotation print view compatibility with Internet Explorer.
  • Various updates and fixes to improve annotation handling.

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java Library

  • User avatar which shows picture of the reviewer associated with comments now available.
  • New UI tools added for PDF files: ruler, underline.
  • More tools now export to Word files: area, point, typewriter, watermark, underline, strikeout, text and resource redaction.
  • Print preview dialog now shows added annotations.
  • Added abstract database connector so developers can use any database.
  • Various updates and fixes to improve annotation handling and display.

GroupDocs.Signature for .NET Library

  • Quick configuration of database providers when initializing signature. Supported providers are JSON and MSSQL.
  • Unified syntax for single and multiple signers to simplify development.
  • Increased responsiveness since signing of the document is now switched to a parallel task.
  • Fixed various issues related to placing the signature onto the document being signed.

GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud Library

  • Added new image stamp field type to field preparation and execution for envelopes and forms.
  • Envelope owners can now allow users to drag/move fields when signing.

GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET Library and Cloud App

  • Improved detection of subscript and superscript when comparing Microsoft Word files.
  • Improved detection of bold, italic and underline formatting when comparing Microsoft Word files.
  • Improved performance by 40% for Word-based document comparison.

GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET Library and Cloud App

  • Implementing custom trial limitation for each document type: Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Project, PDF, email, image, and HTML.
  • Preparation of Conversion platform for resizing and re-flowing content for viewing on a specific device.

GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET Library

  • Added new feature to get template editor fields via C# or JS.
  • The new Template Editor which allows fields manipulation of template fields using a rich UI.
  • The Template Editor supports 3 different types of fields: TextBox, Image, CheckBox.

GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud App

  • The Template Editor can now create an assembly template from any Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
  • The Template Editor supports text, image and checkbox fields.
  • The Questionnaire Builder introduces date/time and multiline fields.

Coming Soon

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Library

  • View Microsoft Project documents directly, without conversion to PDF.
  • Improved support for logging exceptions and operations within the library.
  • New option to adjust scrolling speed on mobile devices.
  • New feature for intercepting document processing events.

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Library

  • Add tooltips for annotation comments for quick and easy reading.
  • Allow annotations to be resized.
  • Per character selection for text based annotations.

GroupDocs.Signature for .NET Library and Cloud App

  • New feature to allow GroupDocs.Signature for .NET to function correctly even if it’s not set up in the root folder of the integrating application website.
  • Add support for working with documents as streams when using GroupDocs.Signature for .NET.
  • New feature to set a predefined image value for the Stamp field type.
  • New option to support auto resize for the Stamp field type.

GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET Library and Cloud App

  • Native comparison of Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
  • Further improvements to the Microsoft Word comparison algorithms.

GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET Library and Cloud App

  • New feature that re-flows/converts a documents for a specific device resolution.

GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET Library and Cloud App

  • New design for the Template Editor, where the UI is easier to use and more flexible.
  • Support for new field types in the Template Editor for PDF templates: ListBox, ComboBox, RadioButtonList.
  • Enhanced support in the Template Editor for editing Word templates (UI feature).

From The Library

Managing User Rights with the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java Library

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java allows you to set user access rights to control who can view, annotate, download, export and delete documents. Read more.

Loading Documents from Streams with GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET

Documents are increasingly stored in databases, not as static files on disc. To access them, you have to work with byte streams. We’ve written an article that explains how to use GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET with streams. Read the article.


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Integrations and New Cloud API Samples

Product Releases And Updates

GroupDocs.Total for .NET – The latest versions of our .NET libraries.

GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 2.1.0 – Several performance enhancements and fixes.

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 2.3.0 – Russian localization, page rotation and more.

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 2.4.0 – Several performance enhancements and fixes.

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 1.6.0 – Navigate annotations as tabs, and other new features.

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 1.6.0 – Various new annotation tools added.