Convert HTML to Word DOC or DOCX in Java.

Convert HTML to Word (DOC, DOCX) Programmatically in Java.

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is a standard markup language used to create and structure web pages. On the other hand, Word documents are used for creating and editing text-based documents. There are several reasons why you might want to convert HTML to Word, such as for editing, sharing, or printing purposes. Word documents are easier to edit, better suited for printing purposes, more stable, and preserve important information than HTML documents. So, this blog post will provide a comprehensive guide on how to convert HTML to Word (DOC, DOCX) programmatically in Java using GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud REST API.

The following topics shall be covered in this article:

Java HTML to Word Conversion REST API - Java SDK Installation

Using GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK for Java, you can convert HTML documents to Word in Java quickly and accurately, with minimal effort. This API allows you to automate the file format conversion process, making it easy to convert large numbers of documents. It saves you time and effort. It also supports the conversion of your documents and files of any supported file format to any format you need. You can quickly process 50+ types of files and documents like Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, CAD, raster images, etc.

You can download the API’s JAR file or install using Maven configurations. Add repository and dependency to your project’s POM.xml. Below are the instructions for Maven:

Maven Repository:

    <name>GroupDocs Artifact Repository</name>

Maven Dependency:


Please obtain your Client ID and Client Secret from the dashboard before you start following the steps and available code snippets. Please enter the code shown below once you have your ID and secret:

Now, follow the below Step-by-Step guide on converting HTML to Word in Java.

Convert HTML Files to Word Documents in Java using REST API

Converting HTML files to Word DOC or DOCX can be useful in many ways, such as for editing, sharing, or printing purposes. In order to convert an HTML document to Word, the following steps should be followed:

Upload the File

Firstly, upload the HTML document to the cloud storage using the code snippet given below:

As a result, the uploaded HTML file will be available in the files section of your dashboard on the cloud.

Convert HTML to Word DOCX to in Java

This section is about how to convert an HTML file to DOCX programmatically in Java by following the steps below:

  • Firstly, create an instance of ConvertApi class.
  • Secondly, create an instance of the ConvertSettings class.
  • Thirdly, provide the cloud storage name.
  • Next, set the input HTML file path and output file format as “docx”.
  • Then, create an instance of the DocxConvertOptions class.
  • Optionally, set various convert options like setFromPage, setPagesCount, setZoom, setDpi, etc.
  • Now, set convert options and the output file path using ConvertSettings instance.
  • After that, create ConvertDocumentRequest class instance and pass ConvertSettings parameter.
  • Finally, call the convert_document() method and pass ConvertDocumentRequest parameter.

The following code snippet shows how to convert HTML to Word document in Java using REST API:

Download the Converted File

The above code sample will save the converted Word document to the cloud. You can download it using the following code snippet:

Free Online HTML to Word Converter

How to convert HTML to Word online for free? Please try free HTML to Word converter to generate a Word document from HTML. This converter is developed using the above-mentioned HTML to Word REST API.


We are completing the article here. The following is what you have learned from this article:

  • how to convert HTML documents to Word DOC or DOCX in Java programmatically;
  • programmatically upload the HTML file to the cloud and then download the converted Word document from the cloud;
  • and online convert HTML to Word using a free HTML to Word converter.

Additionally, we also provide an API Reference section that lets you visualize and communicate with our APIs directly through the browser. Java SDK’s complete source code is freely available on Github. Please check the GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK for Java Examples here. Moreover, we advise you to refer to our Getting Started guide. Start converting your HTML documents to Word today and see the difference it makes.

Finally, we keep writing new blog articles on different file formats conversions using REST API. So, please get in touch for regular updates.

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How do I convert HTML to Word using Java?

The process for converting HTML to Word in Java typically involves using a Java library or API, such as GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud REST API, to perform the conversion. The API can be configured to handle the conversion process, including handling errors and exceptions.

What is the best way to convert HTML to Word in Java?

The best way to convert HTML to Word in Java is by using a library or API that supports the conversion, such as GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud REST API.

How to convert HTML to Word online for free?

Free online HTML to DOC converter allows you to convert HTML to Word free, quickly, and easily. Once the online conversion of HTML to Word DOC is completed, you can instantly download the converted HTML file on your PC. Please follow the step-by-step instructions given below for conversion:

  • Open free online HTML to DOC converter
  • Click inside the file drop area to upload an HTML file or drag & drop an HTML file.
  • Click on the Convert Now button, free online HTML to Word converter will convert HTML to a Word file.
  • The download link of the output file will be available instantly after converting the HTML webpage.

How to convert HTML to Word in Windows?

Please visit this link to download an offline HTML to Word converter for Windows. Offline HTML to Word document converter can be used to turn HTML to Word on Windows quickly, with a single click.

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