Convert JPG to PNG in Node.js

Deep down there is a slight difference between JPG and PNG image formats. The lossy compression algorithm is being used for JPG whereas, PNG uses a lossless compression algorithm. However, there is no data loss while compressing PNG files which makes sure no compromise on the image quality. Nonetheless, the PNG image format is preferred over the JPG. So, this blog post teaches you how to convert JPG to PNG using a JPG converter library. GroupDocs.Conversion offers Cloud SDKs and REST APIs for image file conversions. Therefore, we will go through how to convert JPG to PNG in Node.js programmatically.

This blog post will walk through the following points:

JPG Converter - Library Installation

Before heading to the implementation section, let’s install this Node.js Cloud SDK of GroupDocs.Conversion on our machine. The process is quite straightforward and requires no complex steps. Since it is available in the NPM package registry you can install it by running the following command into the terminal/CMD:

npm install groupdocs-conversion-cloud

Once JPG to PNG conversion API has been installed, the next step is to obtain API credentials ( Client ID and Client Secret) and you can get them by navigating to our API Cloud dashboard.

Note: Please visit this guide in case you face any difficulty in obtaining API credentials.

Convert JPG to PNG in Node.js

Now, we are all set to implement JPG to PNG conversion programmatically. GroupDocs.Conversion has exposed enterprise-level methods and properties for image file conversions.

Please note one thing here we have uploaded a source JPG file to the API Cloud dashboard. So, you can upload manually or programmatically by calling this UploadFile method.

The following are the steps to perform this action programmatically:

  • Require the groupdocs-conversion-cloud module into your project.
  • Place your API credentials
  • Invoke the fromKeys method of the ConvertApi class and pass the API credentials.
  • Initialize an object of the ConvertSettings class.
  • Assign the values to the properties such as storageName, filePath, format, and outputPath.
  • Instantiate an instance of the ConvertDocumentRequest class with the instance of the ConvertSettings class.
  • Call the convertDocument method to convert JPG to PNG.

The following code snippet converts the JPG to PNG in Node.js:

Once you run the server file, you will find a newly generated PNG file inside the “test” folder in the API Cloud dashboard. Well, you can download the PNG file manually or programmatically by invoking this DownloadFile method.

So, you can see the output in the image below:

 jpg to png converter

Convert JPG to PNG Online

In addition to Cloud SDKs and REST APIs, there is an online tool that lets users convert JPG to PNG online in a web browser. Luckily, this online JPG converter is powered by GroupDocs.Conversion and it is free for everyone to use. So, it is very easy to use, robust and helps you to achieve image file conversion online.

convert jpg to png online

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of this blog post. We have walked through the steps and the code snippet to convert JPG to PNG in Nodej.s. In addition, we have also gone through an online tool that can be a great JPG converter to convert JPG to PNG online. This guide will help you in building an image conversion module for your business application. Therefore, please visit the documentation to learn about other features. Lastly, do not forget to visit the GitHub repo of GroupDocs.Conversion Node.js SDK as it is open-source.

Further, we suggest you follow our Getting Started guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to convert JPG to PNG in JavaScript?

You can explore this Node.js Cloud SDK of GroupDocs.Conversion library that offers a wide range of features for image format conversions. You can invoke this convertDocument method to convert JPG to PNG programmatically in JavaScript.

How do I convert a JPG image to PNG?

Please visit this link to learn the steps and the code snippet.

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