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Recently, we published an article on how to combine PNG images programmatically using GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDKs. This blog post explains the PNG to PPTX conversion in a .NET application. Groupdocs.Conversion offers Cloud SDKs and REST APIs to programmatically convert PNG to PowerPoint programmatically. There is a wide range of methods and properties that you can use to develop your own image to PowerPoint converter for your business software. However, let’s start this guide and learn how to convert PNG to PPTX in C# using Groupdocs.Conversion Cloud SDKs for .NET.

We will cover the following points in this blog post:

Image to PowerPoint - API Installation

We will go through the installation process which is pretty straightforward. For this purpose, you may install this rich-featured library by downloading this NuGet Package or you can run the following command in the NuGet Package Manager:

Install-Package GroupDocs.Conversion-Cloud -Version 23.10.0

In the next phase, we will create an application in the API Cloud dashboard that will generate API credentials (Client ID, Client Secret). It is very simple, even though, you can visit this guide to see the whole process.

Convert PNG to PPTX in C#

Once the PNG to PowerPoint conversion library is installed and set up, we can make use of methods exposed by Groupdocs.Conversion Cloud SDKs for .NET.

Since we are using Cloud SDKs, we need to upload a source PNG file to the API Cloud dashboard. So, you can upload the file manually or programmatically by calling the UploadFile method.

The following steps are for PNG to PowerPoint conversion in .NET:

  • Create an instance of the Configuration class and initialize it with the Client ID & Client Secret.
  • Define the value of ApiBaseUrl to set the base URL of the image to PowerPoint converter API.
  • Initialize an instance of the ConvertApi class with the object of the Configuration class.
  • Instantiate an object of the ConvertSettings class and initialize it by setting values such as FilePath, Format, and OutputPath.
  • Invoke the ConvertDocument method to convert the PNG to PPTX programmatically.

The following code snippet lets you convert PNG to PPTX in C#:

Once you run the server file, you will see a PPTX file generated in the API Cloud dashboard. Again, you can download this file manually or programmatically by calling the DownloadFile method provided by this image to PowerPoint conversion API.

image to powerpoint

Online PPT Generator

Please use this online tool to convert PNG to PPT/PPTX in case you want a non-programmatic solution. This tool is powered by Groupdocs.Conversion. Moreover, it comes with a user-friendly interface where you can drag and drop the files for conversion and processing. Above all, this online PPT/PPTX generator is free and does not require any subscription.

free watermark maker


This brings us to the end of this guide. We learned how to convert PNG to PPTX/PPT in C# programmatically using Groupdocs.Conversion Cloud SDKs for .NET. Further, we have gone through an online image to PowerPoint conversion tool to convert PNG to PowerPoint. Moreover, you can visit the documentation to learn about the other useful methods. Thus, you can visit the GitHub repo and Getting Started Guide to kick off the development of your own image to PowerPoint converter.

Finally, is writing new articles. So, please stay in touch for the regular updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I convert a PNG to PPTX?

You can automate this process by opting for Groupdocs.Conversion Cloud SDKs which are available in multiple programming languages. For further details, please visit this link.

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