Convert Text to JPG in Node.js - Text to Image Converter

This blog post introduces a Node Package Manager to programmatically convert Text to JPG in Node.js. In fact, this file conversion API offers methods and properties to perform conversion among multiple file formats. Basically, this Node.js module communicates with the GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK for Node.js which also offers REST APIs to consume for Text to JPG conversion. After reading this article, you will be able to build a Text to image converter for your business application. So, let’s start this guide and walk through the steps and the code snippet to programmatically build a JPG generator in Node.js.

We will cover the following points:

Text to Image Converter - API Installation

There are two steps, first, we will obtain the API credentials and then we will install this JPG generator library. In order to obtain Client Secret and Client API, we will have to navigate to the API Cloud dashboard. It is a matter of a few clicks only, you can visit our guide on obtaining API credentials.

Next, we will install this GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDKs for Node.js in our Node.js project. For that purpose, we can run the following command into the terminal:

npm install groupdocs-conversion-cloud

Convert Text to JPG in Node.js

You will find GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDKs for Node.js very lucrative in terms of automating file format conversion tasks. Now, the following steps are mentioned to convert Text to JPG in Node.js:

  • Include the groupdocs-conversion-cloud module in your Node.js project.
  • Invoke the fromKeys method of the ConvertApi class and pass the API credentials.
  • Initialize an instance of the ConvertSettings class.
  • Assign the values to the properties of the ConvertSettings class such as filePath, storageName, format, and outputPath.
  • Instantiate an instance of the ConvertDocumentRequest class with the instance of the ConvertSettings class.
  • Call the convertDocument method to convert Text to JPG in Node.js.

The following code sample demonstrates how to build a Text to image converter programmatically:

Once you run the server, you will find a newly generated JPG file(i.e. output.jpg) in the “test” folder. The output is shown in the image below:

text to image converter
Moreover, you can download the JPG file programmatically by invoking the DownloadFile method or you can perform that action manually too.

Online Text to JPG Converter

In addition to Cloud SDKs and REST APIs, there is an online tool to convert Text to JPG online and it is powered by GroupDocs.Conversion. This free JPG generator is web-based and offers a drag-and-drop user interface where users can upload files easily. Above all, it is free to use and you will never be asked for any subscription or account creation.

online text to jpg converter

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of this blog post. We learned how to convert text to JPG in Node.js by covering the steps and the code snippet. In addition, we also went through the online Text to image converter. Further, to know other features and methods, please visit the documentation. You can interact with our live APIs here to have a practical experience.

Further, we suggest you follow our Getting Started guide in order to start development.

Finally, is writing new blog posts. So, please stay in touch for the regular updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I convert Text to JPG?

You can perform Text to JPG conversion using GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK. Please visit this link for further details.

How do I change the Text to a picture?

Please visit this online web-based tool to convert Text to JPG online.

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