We are pleased to annouce Next Generation GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud 18.4 REST API public release. This is a maintenance release release, that includes some improvements in document conversion performance along with PHP and .NET SDK update for better understanding of API features. This API can integrate with your applications for utilization of document conversion features, please click here for further details.

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud - Improvements and Fixes

Our Document Conversion API for Cloud supports almost all major documents and image formats conversion to and from, This monthly release is introducing unit tests in PHP and .NET SDKs to get possible conversions from the document stream for any supported document format. Some major changes in current release are listed below. You may visit our GitHub to get updated SDKs for complete details.

  • Added additional unit test in .NET and PHP SDK for getting possible conversions from document stream
  • Improved swagger specification of GroupDocs.Conversion for Cloud
  • Unable to handle requests with single multipart MIME body - Fix

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud API Resources

You may visit the following API resources for getting started and working with the API.

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