We are excited to share that we’ve successfully integrated GroupDocs with several 3rd party platforms in the last month. We’ve also introduced a brand new app to the GroupDocs suite, GroupDocs Conversion. Please subscribe to our blog for details. In the upcoming month, we’ll be adding support for Microsoft Azure as a default storage provider as well as rolling out a number of integrations, including GroupDocs Embedded Viewer plugins for Kentico, Umbraco and Orchard CMSs.

We’re proud to announce the introduction of a new, efficient application to our GroupDocs suite, GroupDocs Conversion. GroupDocs Conversion is an online document conversion app that lets you perform online document conversion using your browser. The GroupDocs Conversion app is so intuitive that you can simply convert your documents to your preferred format in a jiffy; the original look and layout of the documents are retained as such. You can convert all common file formats: DOC to DOCX, DOCX to PDF, DOC to PDF, PDF to JPEG, JPEG to PNG are some common examples. We’re always enhancing the GroupDocs user experience with new features. Here is a list of some features that we’ve added recently. Log in to your GroupDocs account and try out the improvements!

  • Integration with Amazon Web Service (AWS): we joined hands with AWS to offer you another storage service provision (Amazon S3). You now have the option to set Amazon S3 as your default storage service provider from within the GroupDocs. This opens up the possibility of uploading large volumes of files for use as input to the various GroupDocs applications, amongst other things.

  • Integration with WordPress: we’ve introduced null. We’ve had some great feedback on the first version of the plugin and have now released version 1.2.2 with improved functionality. The installation and activation of our GroupDocs Viewer plugin is super simple. With GroupDocs Viewer plugin installed, you can easily embed and view a variety of files (DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX and other formats) in your WordPress pages using GroupDocs’ high-fidelity viewer.

  • Integration with Atlassian Confluence: we’ve introduced the GroupDocs Viewer plugin (version 1.0) for Confluence users. It’s really simple to install and activate this plugin in your Atlassian Confluence editor. Now, you can embed multiple files into your Confluence editor pages using GroupDoc’s high-fidelity viewer, which allows inline viewing and optional file download. Two options are available: simple file embedding where you just select a file for viewing, or embed a folder from GroupDocs where you can view the page to browse within a GroupDocs folder, and then select a file for viewing.

  • Integration with Dropbox: with Dropbox integration, you can now access and use all your Dropbox files from within your GroupDocs account. Use your Dropbox files with all GroupDocs applications to perform multiple tasks, for example, online viewing, document assembly, digital signature execution, comparison, annotation, and file conversion.

Expect these exciting features soon:

  • Updated design for GroupDocs Viewer, featuring enhancements for iPad viewing.
  • Updated document assembly wizard.
  • Integration with Windows Azure Storage.
  • Updated main dashboard view options (thumbnails, types).
  • GroupDocs embedded viewer plugins: integration with Drupal, Concrete5, Umbraco, Moodle and more.

We’ve had a bit of press in the last month. Here is some recent community activity: GroupDocs was listed on chatsala.com - see GroupDocs on chatsala.com.

Good news from GroupDocs to all WordPress users! We proudly announce the release of the GroupDocs Viewer plugin for WordPress. GroupDocs Viewer is an online document viewer, which allows you to view documents online in your browser, regardless of the document format you use. GroupDocs Viewer lets you view different word processing documents (DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, ODT), spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX), image files (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF), presentations (PPT, PPTX), and portable files (PDF), all with high-fidelity rendering. Formatting and layout are retained, so the documents you view online look exactly like the original. Read More Thank you for choosing GroupDocs. The GroupDocs Team