How to Convert CSV into JSON in node js

How to Convert CSV to JSON File Online in Node.js

CSV or Comma Separated Values file format is used for storing and exchanging the tabular data between systems in plain text. JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight data format for representing structured data objects. It is often used to transmit data from the server to the client in web applications. CSV does not support hierarchical or relational data. But in JSON, it is very easy to work with hierarchically structured relationships. For such cases, this article covers how to convert CSV to JSON file online in Node.js.

The following topics shall be covered in this article:

Convert CSV to JSON API and Node.js SDK

In order to convert CSV data to JSON, I will be using the Node.js SDK of GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud API. It is a platform-independent CSV to JSON JavaScript library and document conversion solution. It allows you to seamlessly convert your documents and images of any supported file format to any format you need. You can easily convert over 50 types of documents and images such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, HTML, CAD, raster images, etc. It also provides .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Android, and Python SDKs as its document conversion family members for the Cloud API.

You can install GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud to your NodeJS application using the following command in the console:

npm install groupdocs-conversion-cloud

Please get your Client ID and Client Secret from the dashboard before you start following the steps and available code examples. Once you have your ID and Secret, please add in the code as shown below:

How to Convert CSV to JSON in Node Js using REST API

Once API is installed, we can move to the next step. Let’s write steps and the code snippet to convert CSV to nested JSON in NodeJS programmatically on the cloud:

  1. Upload the CSV file to the cloud
  2. Convert from CSV to JSON array online
  3. Download the converted JSON file

Upload the CSV File

Firstly, upload the CSV file to the cloud using the following code sample:

As a result, the uploaded CSV file will be available in the files section of your dashboard on the cloud. Now let’s convert CSV to JSON array online.

Convert CSV to JSON format in Node.js

You can convert CSV to hierarchical JSON in Nodejs programmatically by following the steps as given below:

  • Firstly, create an instance of the ConvertApi
  • Secondly, create an instance of the ConvertSettings
  • Thirdly, Set the storage name and the input CSV file path
  • Next, assign “json” to the format
  • Now, provide the output JSON file path
  • Then, create ConvertDocumentRequest with setting parameter
  • Lastly, Convert by calling the convertDocument() method with ConvertDocumentRequest

The following code example shows how to convert CSV to JSON in Nodejs using REST API:

All the rows of the CSV file will be converted to JSON objects which will be added to the resultant JSON array and a corresponding JSON output file will be generated on the cloud. You can see the output in the image below:

How to convert CSV file to JSON online

Nodejs Convert CSV to JSON Data

Download the Converted File

The above code sample will save the converted JSON file on the cloud. Now you know how to transform CSV to JSON in Nodejs. Next, download the JSON file using the following code sample:

Online CSV to JSON Converter Free

How to convert CSV to JSON online for free? Free online conversion CSV to JSON using CSV to JSON converter online free. This free tool to convert the data from CSV format to JSON format was developed using the above API.


In this article, we have demonstrated how to convert large CSV to JSON using Node.js applications. CSV and JSON files are widely used to store, exchange and transmit data. Now you know:

  • how to convert CSV file into JSON using Node.js;
  • upload and download script to convert CSV to JSON;
  • online convert CSV to JSON using CSV file to JSON file converter;

Furthermore, you can learn more about GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud API using the documentation. We also provide an API Reference section that lets you visualize and interact with our APIs directly through the browser. See our Guide to Getting Started page for more information. also keeps coming up with new topics. Keep up to date with the most up-to-date information.

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How do I import a CSV file into a JSON file in Node.js?

Please visit this link to know the code snippet to turn CSV to JSON format programmatically.

How to convert a CSV file to JSON using GroupDocs.Conversion?

Create an instance of Convert Settings, set the values of the convert settings, and invoke the cover document method with ConvertDocumentRequest to save the resultant JSON file.

What is the best CSV to JSON file converter online for free?

There is online tool to convert CSV to JSON file from any platform and is completely free. Once CSV to JSON conversion is completed, you can download the JSON file stored in the cloud.

How do I convert CSV to JSON online for free?

  • Visit Link for the online CSV to JSON converter free.
  • Click inside the Drop or upload your file area to upload a CSV file.
  • Click on Convert Now button to convert CSV to JSON format.
  • The download link of the converted file will be available instantly after conversion.

How to install CSV to JSON converter free download library?

You may install this CSV to JSON JavaScript library to create, and process CSV to JSON conversion programmatically. This Nodejs free file format conversion library will convert CSV to JSON with headers.

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