GroupDocs.Editor Cloud Product Family

Another good news for Cloud Developers! GroupDocs has launched the Document Editing Cloud API. This improves the document editing solution of GroupDocs. The solution already exists for .NET and Java developers as on-premises APIs, and as cross-platform online apps for any kind of user to edit a document online for free. The GroupDocs.Editor Cloud API along with SDKs allow developers to edit most of the popular document formats using front-end WYSIWYG editors without any additional applications.

GroupDocs.Editor Cloud is the REST API that provides many editing options and output customizations to customize the editing process of various document types. Some of the main features include:

  • Edit a word processing document in a flow or paged mode.
  • Manage font extraction to provide the same user experience.
  • Memory usage optimization of large files.
  • Support of multi-tabbed spreadsheets.
  • Flexible numeric and dates conversion.
  • URI and Email address recognition.

To get a much better idea about the features and the product, you can always visit the developer guide in the documentation section.

Supported Document Types

Here are the currently supported document formats. You can visit the documentation for GroupDocs.Editor Cloud any time to know about all the supported document formats.

SDKs and Samples

Along with the document editing REST API for Cloud, GroupDocs also provides open-source SDKs, therefore, these can be self-customized according to the requirements. Developers can use cURL to interact with GroupDocs.Editor Cloud API and can also use the relevant SDK(s) to speed up the development. This helps developers to stop worrying about low-level details of making a request and handling the responses. Below-mentioned SDKs along with the code examples are available on GitHub:

Edit Word Document in C#

Here you can see the C# code example to edit a word document using GroupDocs.Editor Cloud SDK for .NET. The same can be easily achieved in Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Node.js using relevant available SDKs. This simply converts the source document in HTML format and allows to edit, later it converts the updated document back to the original format.

Update Excel Spreadsheet Document in Java

Below is the code snippet that shows how you can quickly edit a spreadsheet document in your Java application with GroupDocs.Editor Cloud SDK for Java.

Edit a Presentation in Python

Here is the code example to show how you can edit PowerPoint or OpenDocument presentations in Python.


Here are some important links to the relevant resources:

Good to see you here for the Document Editing Cloud API. You can freely contact us on the forum in case you feel any difficulty or have some confusion or to give some good suggestions. Thanks.