Password-Protect PowerPoint Files in Node.js

We have published articles on how to lock Excel, PDF, and ZIP files using GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDKs. This blog post teaches how to password-protect PowerPoint files in Node.js using GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDK for Node.js. In fact, you can develop password-protector software to secure your business documents and share them over the Internet without worry. In addition, you can also leverage an online password-protector which is powered by GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDKs. So, follow this guide completely and do not miss any section so that you can password-protect PPT/PPTX files in Node.js programmatically.

We will cover the following points in this guide:

Password-Protector Software - Library Installation

We are starting this guide with the installation of GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDK for Node.js. Make sure you have installed Node.js on your system. It is very simple and just running the following command away:

npm install groupdocs-merger-cloud

Next, you need to obtain the API credentials (Client ID, Client Secret) from the API Cloud dashboard to integrate this password protector library with your Node.js project. Please visit this guide in case you find any difficulties.

Password-Protect PowerPoint Files in Node.js

So far, we have installed and set up GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDK for Node.js. So, we can start making API calls to the library. We have the source PPT/PPTX file on our API Clud dashboard that you can upload manually. However, please visit this link to learn how to upload the PPTX/PPT file programmatically.

Please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Obtain the groupdocs-merger-cloud module in your app.
  • Initialize an instance of the Configuration class with Client ID and Client Secret.
  • Instantiate an object of the FileApi class with the object of the Configuration class.
  • Instantiate the Object of the SecurityApi class with the API credentials.
  • Prepare an object of the Options class by defining the values such as filePath, password, outputPath, etc.
  • Call the addPassword method to add a password to the PowerPoint file and save the resultant file.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to password-protect PowerPoint files in Node.js:

The above code snippet adds password to the PowerPoint file and saves the resultant file in the folder named “output” in the API Cloud dashboard. However, you can download the file manually or programmatically by calling the downloadFile method.

You can see the output in the image below:

password protect ppt

Add Password to PowerPoint - Online Password Protector

We can password-protect PPT/PPTX files using this online tool which is backed by GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDKs. This online tool is web-based and offers robust conversion and file manipulation features. However, you will not be asked to sign up for any subscription to use it.

Online Password Protector


To conclude, GroupDocs.Merger not only offers Cloud SDKs and REST APIs but also offers an online tool for non-programmers to add password to PowerPoint files. Therefore, we walked through the code snippet to password-protect PowerPoint files in Node.js. Moreover, you can explore the documentation and GitHub repo to learn about other features. In addition, you may interact without live APIs here.

Finally, is writing new articles. So, please stay in touch for the regular updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I password-protect a PowerPoint presentation?

You can add password to PowerPoint files using GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDKs and this online password protector software.

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