Password-Protect ZIP File using Password Protection Software

There has been a lot of discussion on data security and integrity. Although ZIP files offer optimal memory and security features, it is always safe to add password to ZIP file. There are many tools and password protection software to encrypt ZIP files, however, GroupDocs.Merger offers Cloud SDKs and REST APIS to password-protect ZIP files programmatically. In fact, you may leverage this online tool to password-protect ZIP file online, and GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDKs empower this online tool. So, let’s explore this online password protection software to add a password to the ZIP files.

We will cover the following points in this article:

What is a ZIP File?

Using compression algorithms, ZIP file provides a great way of making large files smaller. This file format is widely used due to its efficiency and memory-friendly nature. Suppose you have a large number of folders with multiple files that might put you in storage issues sooner or later. Therefore, compressing huge files will surely save storage and put all the related files together.

There are many reasons behind creating ZIP files but we will go through some prominent ones:

  • ZIP files group together relevant files into one memory-efficient unit.
  • This file format is immensely used because it is easy to share in a network.
  • It offers secure compression features.
  • You can encrypt ZIP files easily.

How to Add Password to ZIP File?

This section describes the steps to password-protect ZIP files using an online password protection software. This online tool is easily available in almost all popular web browsers. In addition, it offers a very simple but elegant user interface that lets users add password to ZIP file instantly.

You may follow the steps to password-protect ZIP files online:

  • Navigate to the online tool, drag & drop or upload the ZIP file using File Explorer.

    encrypt zip file

  • Once the file is uploaded successfully, you can type the password in the “Password” input field as shown in the image above.

  • Now, hit the “Protect” button to password-protect ZIP file. It will take only a few seconds to encrypt ZIP file. Moreover, you will be given an option to download the protected ZIP file. You can see the whole process in the next section. This tool takes good care of data privacy and is secure to use.

Password-Protect ZIP File Online

So far, we have walked through the steps to password-protect ZIP file using this online password protection software. You may give it a try to check all the features offered by GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDKs powered tool.

password protect zip file online

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of this blog post. We learned and covered all the steps required to password-protect ZIP file online. It is a good approach to encrypting ZIP files when sharing files in a huge network. So, you can freely use this online tool to add password to ZIP files in the shortest span of time. We have seen it is quite fast and efficient. Therefore, do not miss the documentation of GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDKs to learn about some other cool features. Lastly, you may interact with the API here.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can you put a password on a ZIP file?

Yes, you can use this online tool for this purpose which is powered by GroupDocs.Merger Cloud SDKs.

How do I password-protect a ZIP file for free?

Please visit this link to learn how to add password to ZIP file online using this free online tool.

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