Convert PDF to Editable Word Document with Python SDK

As a Python developer, you can have a requirement from your users to provide PDF to Word document conversion feature in your application. Because it is very difficult to edit PDF documents without Adobe Acrobat. And users have requirement to edit text, table, images and other contents in the PDF document. A solution for the requirement is to convert PDF document to editable Word document. But, you might be surprised to know that it’s not that simple. Luckily, there is …

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GroupDocs.Merger Cloud is Launching Soon!

Are you working on a document management application and looking for an API to merge documents in your application? Your search for the option should be over. GroupDocs is going to release a new Cloud API, GroupDocs.Merger Cloud, it will empower the developers to merge multiple documents of the same format with high accuracy and fidelity on any platform and without depending upon any third-party plugin or application. Some of the notable features that new API will offer are joining …

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Render Documents to HTML5 with Cloud Java SDK

Are you working on a document viewer application in Java? Do you want to have a single solution for viewing all common file formats? There is good news for you, you can render MS Office, PDF and many other file formats to HTML5 with GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Java. So that documents of different types can be easily displayed inside your application without any additional software installed (like MS Office, Apache Open Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader and others). GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud …

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Extract Text from a PDF Document with Python using GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most important and widely used file format used to present and exchange documents. As a python developer, there are many scenarios where you will want to extract text from a PDF document and export it in a different format using Python for text analytics. In this post, we will show you how to extract text from a PDF document accurately using GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud SDK for Python. GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud is a platform independent …

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A Reliable RESTful API Solution to Optimize PDF Document

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud is a document and image conversion solution. It empowers the developers to add document conversion feature in their applications on any platform with complete control using standard REST API Calls. In this post we will discuss How to optimize PDF document. You can visit GroupDocs.Convesion Cloud for a complete list of features. A PDF document may sometimes contain additional data. Reducing the size of a PDF file will help you optimize the network transfer and storage. This is …

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Classify raw text in MS Office, PDF and many other documents using cURL

What is Text Classification? Text classification is the process of assigning tags or categories to text according to its content with broad applications such as sentiment analysis, topic labeling, spam detection, and intent detection. Unstructured data in the form of raw text is everywhere: emails, chats, web pages, social media, support tickets, survey responses, and more. Text can be an extremely rich source of information, but extracting insights from it can be hard and time-consuming due to its unstructured nature. …

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A REST API Solution to Redact PDF Text

GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud API is a platform independent Document and Image Annotation Solution, that empowers the developers to add an annotation feature in their application with minimum efforts. The API supports a range of Annotation types, but in this post I will focus on the Text Redaction Annotation to demonstrate how to redact PDF text. Text Redaction is a process to remove content from a document permanently. Before you publish the document, you need to remove sensitive and private data from …

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Add Electronic Signature to your Documents

What is an Electronic Signature? An electronic signature or e-signature refers to data in electronic form which is logically associated with other data in electronic form and which is used by the signatory to sign. This type of signature provides the same legal standing as a handwritten signature as long as it adheres to the requirements of the specific regulation. E-Signatures can be in the form of digital text, images, barcode, QR codes, etc. Electronic signatures are a legal concept …

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Rendering CAD File Formats was Never So Easy Before

CAD (Computer Aided Design) It is used for a 3D graphics file format and may contain 2D or 3D designs. CAD file is a digital file format of an object generated and used by CAD software. A CAD file contains a technical drawing, blueprint, schematic, or 3-D rendering of an object. GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API is flexible document rendering and viewing solution for programmers and professionals to render and display widely used file formats anywhere. Supported CAD File Formats …

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Introducing GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud 19.5!

Guys! New version of Groupdocs.Comparison Cloud 19.5 is here. Your feedback and interest in our Document Comparison Cloud API keeps us motivated to implement new features. It is all new API; in this version we have implemented the API as a Microservice. It improves the performance and stability of the API. New API has less methods and options. We have also introduced new methods for cloud storage operations in GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud API. I will give you an overview of some …

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