GroupDocs is exiting to share first version of GroupDocs.Parser Cloud. It is an out of box platform independent REST API Solution to Parse and Extract data from all common business file formats without depending on any third-party tool or plugin. Developers can integrate it with their web, desktop, mobile, or cloud application without any major learning curve because it can be used on any platform or language that supports REST.

What is GroupDocs.Parser Cloud?

Suppose you are developing a document management system and need a feature for text searching or text analyzing, wouldn’t it be great if your system can read or analyze a wide range of document types without installing related document reader?

GroupDocs.Parser Cloud accomplishes the above mentioned purpose. It is a document data extraction REST API that supports over 50 document types. One of the most valuable features of GroupDocs.Parser Cloud is parsing documents with predefined templates. It is easy to define a template and extract data from business documents, for example invoices, receipts, quotation, letter, etc. It is not limited to text extraction but you can also extract images from the supported document types. The API can be used not only with regular documents but also with containers like ZIP archives, OST/PST mail data files and PDF portfolios. Spare some time and visit release notes of a first public release for a complete list of its features.

How It Works?

You can use GroupDocs.Parser Cloud features in your application in two ways. Either use it via some REST Client or use our SDK directly in your favorite programming language. You can find a complete list of SDKs from GroupDocs.Parser Github repository.

Here I’ll demonstrate the functionality of GroupDocs.Parser Cloud by parsing a word document with a predefined template. I’m using a REST client; cURL a command line tool.

First thing first, before you proceed, please sign up with and get App SID and App Key to authenticate your rest API calls.

Create Template

As shared above, GroupDocs.Parser Cloud allows users to parse document with predefined templates to extract data from the document. We’ll create a template for following Word document and save to the default storage.

Here we go, follow these steps to create a simple template:

cURL example:

· Get Access Token

· Create Template

Parse Document

Now we’ll parse the Word document using predefined template from the storage, generated above. The template can be provided as an object or storage path, please check parse by template document for more details.

cURL example:

What’s Next?

Start a free trial of GroupDocs.Parser Cloud today – all you need is to sign up with the GroupDocs Cloud service. Once you have signed up, you are ready to try the powerful file processing features offered by GroupDocs.Parser Cloud using the following resources.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to write us on GroupDocs.Parser Cloud Forum.