Java DOM Parser - Extract Text from XML Documents using Java.

In today’s digital era, data extraction from XML (eXtensible Markup Language) documents plays an important role in various industries and applications. XML is a popular markup language used for storing and organizing structured data in a hierarchical format. Extracting information from XML documents is essential for businesses to perform data analysis and information retrieval operations on the data. In this article, we will explore how to extract text from XML documents in Java using GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK for Java.

The following topics shall be covered in this article:

Java REST API to Parse XML File and SDK Installation

GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK for Java is a powerful, user-friendly, and comprehensive solution for extracting text from various document formats effortlessly, including XML. With its comprehensive APIs, you can easily extract text, metadata, images, and other information from over 50 document formats. The SDK can be integrated into a Java-based application to simplify your development process and enhance productivity.

You can either download the API’s JAR file or install it using Maven by adding the following repository and dependency into your project’s pom.xml file:

Maven Repository:

    <name>GroupDocs Artifact Repository</name>

Maven Dependency:


Now, you need to sign up for a free trial account or purchase a subscription plan on the GroupDocs website and get your API key. Once you have the Client Id and Client Secret, add below code snippet to a Java-based application:

How to Extract All Text from XML Files in Java using REST API

For extracting text from XML documents in Java using GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK for Java, follow these steps:

Upload the File

Firstly, upload the XML document to the cloud using the code example given below:

As a result, the uploaded XML file will be available in the files section of your dashboard on the cloud.

Parse XML File using Java

Here are the steps and an example code snippet that demonstrates how to extract text from an XML document in Java using GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK for Java:

  • Firstly, import the required classes into your Java file.
  • Secondly, create an instance of the ParseApi class.
  • Thirdly, create an instance of the FileInfo class.
  • Next, set the path to the XML file as input.
  • Then, create an instance of the TextOptions() class.
  • Next, assign fileInfo to setFileInfo method.
  • Now, create an instance of the TextRequest() class and pass the TextOptions parameter.
  • Finally, get results by calling the ParseApi.text() method and passing the TextRequest parameter.

The following code sample shows how to extract text and parse an XML document in Java using REST API:

You can see the output in the image below:

Java Extract Text from XML Documents

Extract Text from XML Document in Java

Free Online XML Parser

What is the best way to extract text from XML online for free? Please try an online XML parser software to scrape XML files. This XML Parser tool is developed using the above-mentioned Java parser library.


In conclusion, developers can simplify the data extraction process and efficiently access the data within XML documents with GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK for Java. The following is what you have learned from this article:

  • how to extract all text from XML documents in Java using REST API;
  • programmatically upload an XML file to the cloud using Java;
  • and online XML extraction tool to parse XML documents.

Besides, you can learn more about GroupDocs.Parser Cloud API using the documentation. We also provide an API Reference section that lets you visualize and interact with our APIs directly through the browser. Java SDK’s complete source code is freely available on Github.

Finally, we keep writing new blog articles on different file formats and parsing using REST API. So, please get in touch for the latest updates.

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How do I extract all text from an XML file using Java?

You first initialize the ParserApi class and set our API credentials using GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK for Java. Then, create an ExtractOptions object and specify the XML document file using FileInfo. Finally, call the extract method, pass in the options, and retrieve the extracted text using the getText method.

How do I parse XML documents using Java?

You can parse an XML file using GroupDocs.Parser Cloud SDK for Java in your Java applications. This powerful SDK provides an efficient and straightforward way to extract data from XML files in Java.

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