Greetings! Here at GroupDocs, we provide document collaboration apps available for different platforms: .NET, Java and Cloud. One such app is a legally-binding electronic signature service called GroupDocs.Signature. The core functionality of the app is the same for all platforms. The difference is only in platform-specific functionality. For example, the GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud App “GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud App” is tailored to end-users (businesses and individuals) and have lots of user-oriented support features and options. You may wonder how such customization can be achieved with the downloadable GroupDocs.Signature for .NET library, designed specifically for developers to be easy to implement/integrate it into their existing apps/projects. In this article I’ll show you an example. In particular, I’d like to show the flexibility of the GroupDocs.Signature for .NET library, which allows developers to build custom electronic signature apps with whatever signature workflow they need. But first, a few more words about the GroupDocs.Signature for .NET library itself. It’s an electronic signature .NET library that has a flexible API which allows developers to either build new e-signature services, or enhance their existing apps with electronic signature capability. The library provides rich out-of-the-box functionality and controls that are quite enough to build electronic signature services of any complexity, including:

  • Electronic signature capture control for capturing signatures drawn with a mouse, touch or stylus.
  • Signature audit trails and anti-tempering functionality designed to prevent unauthorized document manipulation and guarantee the genuineness of documents and signatures.
  • Support for all common business document formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenDocument formats, etc.
  • Intuitive UI and wizards that help end users prepare, send and get documents signed easily.
  • Powerful contact and signature management tools, email reminders and notifications, etc.

The GroupDocs.Signature for .NET library is lightweight and can be integrated into any .NET project, be it an ASP.NET or console/desktop application. In the following article, we’d like to show how the GroupDocs.Signature API can be used to build a simple yet flexible electronic signature service that allows several recipients to complete and sign documents anytime, everywhere. In addition to that, we’ve prepared code examples and documentation that should help you explore the library quickly. Go to the article »>