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Adding logos to QR codes enhances branding, aesthetics & trust. Personalize, engage and build credibility. Customized QR codes with logos create visually appealing, recognizable, and trustworthy brand experiences. In this blog post, we will explore how to generate a QR code with a custom logo in C# using QR code generator REST API. We will utilize the GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for .NET to achieve this functionality. So, Let’s engage in and learn how to generate QR codes with a logo using C#.

Step 1: Set Up C# QR Code Generator SDK

To begin with, make sure you have the GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for .NET installed in your project. You can install GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for .NET to your project from the NuGet package manager or using the following command in the .NET CLI:

dotnet add package GroupDocs.Signature-Cloud --version 23.4.0

Step 2: Initialize the API Client

To initialize the API client, please get your Client ID and Client Secret from the dashboard and add the code as shown below:

Step 3: Uploading the Document

Before generating the QR code with a logo, you need to upload the logo and the document to which you want to add the QR code. Upload the document and logo to the cloud storage using any of the following methods:

  • Using the dashboard.
  • Upload all files one by one using Upload File API from the browser.
  • Upload programmatically using the code example given below:

As a result, the uploaded files will be available in the [files section][https://dashboard.groupdocs.cloud/files] of your dashboard on the cloud.

Step 4: Generate a QR Code With a Logo using C#

Here are the steps and sample code that shows how to generate a QR code with a logo in C# using QR code generator REST API.

  1. First, create a configuration object with your API credentials.
  2. Next, instantiate the SignApi class to access the signature functionality.
  3. Then, set the QR Code options for the signature, including background color, dimensions, alignment, position, and logo file path.
  4. Next, specify the sign settings, including the document file path and output file path.
  5. Then, create a signature request using the specified sign settings.
  6. Finally, make the signature request using the CreateSignatures method and access the response to retrieve information about the signed document.

The following code example shows how to create a QR code with a custom logo in C# using QR code creator REST API.

Step 5: Download Resultant File

The code given in the previous step saves the resultant file on the cloud. To download it, you can use the following code snippet.


Yes, the C# QR Code Generator Rest API supports various image file formats such as PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP for the logo image.

Can I generate qr code from string in C#?

Yes you can see a C# generate qr code from string example.

What is the error correction level and QR code version?

The error correction level determines the amount of redundancy in the QR code, affecting its readability and error correction capability. The version determines the size and data capacity of the QR code. You can choose the appropriate values based on your requirements.

Can I customize the appearance of the QR code, such as changing the colors?

Yes, the C# QR Code Generator Rest API provides additional options to customize the QR code’s appearance, including foreground color, background color, and border color.

Is the GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for .NET a paid service?

Yes, GroupDocs.Signature Cloud offers both free and paid plans. You can visit the website for more information on pricing and available features.


In this blog post, we learned how to generate QR codes with logos in C# using QR Code Generator Rest API. By adding a custom logo, you can enhance the visual appeal and brand recognition of your QR codes.

The GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for .NET simplifies the process and provides various options for customization. Feel free to explore the documentation and experiment with different settings to generate QR code in C# that align with your branding requirements.

Furthermore, you can see an API reference section that allows you to visualize and interact with our APIs directly through the browser. C# SDK’s complete source code is freely available on Github.

Finally, we keep writing new blog articles on different file formats and parsing them using REST API. So, please get in touch for the latest updates. Happy coding!

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