GroupDocs.Signature Cloud We are pleased to announce Ruby SDK of GroupDocs.Signature Cloud. This SDK supports all features introduced in GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API. Number of test cases are available in Ruby SDK to understand GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API and implement its features in your Ruby applications easily. Please click here for further details . GroupDocs.Signature Cloud is a REST API which supports digitally signing a variety of documents with different signature types like Text Signatures with various formats, Image Signatures, Digital Signatures, Barcode and QR-Code Signatures. It also supports search and verification of signatures in documents and many more. Please click here for further details. GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Ruby has been developed to help you integrate all these features in your Ruby based applications without any hassle.

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Ruby - Introduction

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Ruby is introduced for its Ruby developers. It is a wrapper around the REST APIs, that allows you to work with GroupDocs.Signature Cloud REST APIs in Ruby based platform quickly and easily, gaining all benefits of strong types and IDE highlights. The distribution is available at GitHub.

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Ruby - Examples

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Ruby Examples are also available to guide developers to get familiar with SDK and its usage to invoke resources and operations using the GroupDocs.Signature Cloud REST API. Please see the SDK examples of following categories.


You need to install Ruby gem for communicating with the GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API. A gem of GroupDocs_Signature_Cloud is available at You can install it with:

gem install groupdocs_signature_cloud


In order to render any supported files, you first need to upload them to the GroupDocs cloud storage or 3rd party cloud storage to use GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API.

Getting Started

Once you are done with installation of package and dependencies in your project, You can easily call the API in your Ruby based code to consume the API features. Here is the sample code to demonstrate the working of GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API using Ruby SDK. Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following Ruby code:

# Load the gem
require 'groupdocs_signature_cloud'
# Get your app_sid and app_key at (free registration is required).
# Create instance of the API class
conf =, app_key)
conf.api_host = ""
conf.api_base_url = "ApiBaseUrl": ""
api =
# Retrieve supported file-formats
response = api.get_supported_formats()
# Print out supported file-formats
puts("Supported file-formats:")
response.formats.each do |format|
puts("#{format.file_format} (#{format.extension})") 

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud Resources

Following are the links to some useful resources you may need to accomplish your tasks.

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