Hi, everyone! The Cloud platform from GroupDocs offers a number of applications designed to help businesses and individuals collaborate on documents. One such app is GroupDocs.Signature. It is a secure and legally binding e-signature service that allows you to sign documents online right from a web-browser. With GroupDocs.Signature you can streamline the document pre-processing, signing and post-processing workflows to get documents signed faster and make them easier to manage. One of GroupDocs.Signature remarkable features is the ability to add merge fields to documents when you need signers to enter some details before actually signing a document (for example first name, last name, date, order quote, etc.). Documents that have such fields can be completed and signed online. GroupDocs.Signature supports different types of fields, including text, drop-downs, radio buttons, checkboxes, and attachments. Depending on the type of document you want to get signed (and filled with signers details), you can prepare it as a simple form or as an envelope. To help you decide which option you should choose and how to manage forms, we’ve prepared a couple of quick guides for you: The difference between an envelope and a form »> Working with forms »>