Introduction of GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Node.js

In accordance with our plan to release GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDKs for different platforms, we are pleased to announce GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Node.js. This SDK supports all features introduced in GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API. For Node.js developer’s ease, numerous API test cases provided in this SDK to understand the GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API working and implementation of its features. GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud is REST API which supports a variety of document formats like PDF, Words, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Images, CAD and many more.
· Muhammad Rizwan · 3 min

Get up and running quickly with GroupDocs.Total for Cloud API using the latest SDK version for your programming language

GroupDocs.Total for Cloud API is a suite of RESTful APIs that allows developers to seamlessly add powerful document collaboration functionality to their web-based and mobile applications, sites or 3rd party cloud services. The suite currently includes the following APIs: GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud API GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud is an online document viewer API that enables end users to view and securely share common document types on the web, without having to install any office software.
· Stanislav Tatarin · 4 min