How to Create GroupDocs Add-On for cloudControl

CloudControl is a cloud platform much like Heroku. Creating a cloudControl add-on is very similar to creating a Heroku add-on but there are some differences. This article explains those differences. Introduction GroupDocs’ add-on for cloudControl is a web tool that can be installed on any web application to provide GroupDocs functionality: Create a new GroupDocs user with a free plan and get the user ID and private key for this user.
· Derek Hyland · 3 min

Online Document Management Add-on from GroupDocs is Now Available for cloudControl

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is increasingly popular in the technology world because it offers compelling scalability and commercial opportunities. Here at GroupDocs, we’re glad to announce the launch of GroupDocs’ add-on for cloudControl – Paas solutions provider. The add-on provides an access key to the GroupDocs API that can help you build powerful applications from within the cloudControl environment. Integrate our document management API with your existing applications to manage documents effectively.
· Derek Hyland · 2 min