Convert Excel to PDF using PHP

As a PHP developer, you can easily convert your Excel Spreadsheets to PDF documents programmatically on the cloud. In this article, you will learn how to convert Excel Spreadsheets to PDF using PHP.
· Muzammil Khan · 5 min

Support of PPTM POTX XLTX and XLTM formats inlcuded in GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 18.5

At Groupdocs we are glad to announce another release of GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 18.5. This monthly release includes a number of new features and improvements. Some of the notable new features of this release are support of AutoFitting column width, Rendering only Print Area in Excel, Settings include/exclude hidden content along with many other new features and file formats support. The notable improvements of this release are to support Quality option when rendering Microsoft Project, rendering comments from Presentation documents, rendering metafile images into HTML and many more.
· Muhammad Rizwan · 2 min