Build Custom Electronic Signature Workflows in Your ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET Apps

Greetings! Here at GroupDocs, we provide document collaboration apps available for different platforms: .NET, Java and Cloud. One such app is a legally-binding electronic signature service called GroupDocs.Signature. The core functionality of the app is the same for all platforms. The difference is only in platform-specific functionality. For example, the GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud App “GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud App” is tailored to end-users (businesses and individuals) and have lots of user-oriented support features and options.
· Ihor Mykhalevych · 2 min

Working with Forms and Envelopes in the GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud App

Hi, everyone! The Cloud platform from GroupDocs offers a number of applications designed to help businesses and individuals collaborate on documents. One such app is GroupDocs.Signature. It is a secure and legally binding e-signature service that allows you to sign documents online right from a web-browser. With GroupDocs.Signature you can streamline the document pre-processing, signing and post-processing workflows to get documents signed faster and make them easier to manage. One of GroupDocs.
· Ihor Mykhalevych · 1 min

Creating and Customizing Email Notifications in the GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud App

We’ve recently published a new documentation article for the GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud App to discover several features that may be very helpful to get documents signed in time. Knowing these, you can greatly improve and tailor document collaboration under your needs. The online signature application from GroupDocs is designed to help individuals and businesses get documents signed faster. GroupDocs.Signature is a legally binding and secure web service that provides a complete and convenient signature workflow, starting from document preparation to sending, signing and notifying all involved parties about a completed document.
· Ihor Mykhalevych · 2 min

GroupDocs.Total for .NET & More: the February 2014 Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter February, 2014 GroupDocs .NET Libraries: Complete Control Over Your Documents GroupDocs Total for .NET is a compilation of every .NET library offered by GroupDocs. View, annotate, compare, sign, convert and assemble documents effortlessly with this all-in-one tool kit. Download GroupDocs Total for .NET We’ve recently released GroupDocs Total for .NET, which you can download from our “Downloads” page. GroupDocs Total for .NET is a compilation of all .NET components offered by GroupDocs.
· Vaseem Mansoor · 5 min

GroupDocs Newsletter August 2013 - Enhancements to All GroupDocs Document Management Apps

The GroupDocs’ team has implemented lots of app enhancements in July. We’ve added many new features to GroupDocs’ apps. We’ve also integrated GroupDocs with many different platforms. Notable enhancements and integrations include: Significant UX improvements for GroupDocs Signature. GroupDocs Viewer for .NET 1.1: new version of GroupDocs’ ASP.NET HTML5 document viewer. Support for Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Outlook file formats. Integration of online document viewer and online signature apps with Firefox and Chrome.
· Derek Hyland · 4 min