Introducing GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud 19.5!

Guys! New version of Groupdocs.Comparison Cloud 19.5 is here. Your feedback and interest in our Document Comparison Cloud API keeps us motivated to implement new features. It is all new API; in this version we have implemented the API as a Microservice. It improves the performance and stability of the API. New API has less methods and options. We have also introduced new methods for cloud storage operations in GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud API.
· Tilal Ahmad · 3 min

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud V2 Version

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud REST API V2 is finally here! You may wonder how it is different than V1. The V2 version API is more simplified API than V1, API with less methods and options. Also, it has more optimized and refined internal architecture. This version made easy to work with cloud storage. Now you do not need to use a separate storage API for the purpose. The API includes methods for performing different storage related operations.
· Tilal Ahmad · 2 min

Releasing Next Generation GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API

Today, GroupDocs announces first public release of Next Generation GroupDocs.Signature Cloud 17.12. It is an e-Signature REST API to add the power of electronic signatures in your applications without installing any additional software. The GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API is an easy way to give your apps e-signature functionality with features like adding e-signature, verifying signature and searching signature in supported file formats along with other features. Please check release notes for complete list of features offered in the first version of GroupDocs.
· Tilal Ahmad · 4 min

First Public Release of Next Generation GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud

GroupDocs is proud to announce public release of Next Generation GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud 17.12. It is based on GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET, so providing same proven predictable results for annotation functionality in Cloud. The GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud is a RESTful API that manipulates the annotations in all common business file formats. It allows the developers to manage interactive and explanatory annotations to specific words, phrases and regions of the documents content in any cross platform application.
· Tilal Ahmad · 4 min

Next Generation GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud will be Available Soon

Many users of GroupDocs are already benefiting from document manipulation features of its downloadable APIs in their applications. Moving one step forward, we are in process of launching Next Generation GroupDocs Cloud APIs and about to achieve another milestone in this course, Next Generation GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud. It will be available soon in the Document Processing market for Cloud developers. It empowers the developers to add annotation functionality in their Web/Mobile apps or Websites with a few simple REST API calls without a big learning curve.
· Tilal Ahmad · 2 min

GroupDocs Newsletter July 2017– Document Manipulation API Updates and Code Examples

Monthly Newsletter July 2017 Compare your Business Documents to Track Changes Across .NET, Java and Cloud Platforms Check for plagiarism or find differences between two versions of same document. With GroupDocs.Comparison APIs - compare and merge Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenDocument ODT, PDF, Text and HTML documents on the fly. Programmatically detect changes for words, paragraphs, characters or style changes like font size, bold, italic etc. The differences summary is saved in a separate result file for your quick reference.
· Usman Sarfraz · 4 min