GroupDocs Document Manipulation APIs News and Updates- February 2017

Monthly Newsletter February, 2017 All-in-One Documents Manipulation APIs Suite for .NET Applications Programmatically View, Convert, Annotate, Compare, Digitally Sign, Assemble, Search and Extract Text from all popular business document formats within your .NET applications. Product News WebP Image Format Conversion into Different Document Formats using GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 16.12.0 Monthly release of Document Conversion API announces WebP file format support. .NET developers can easily convert and render documents to and from WebP image format.
· Usman Sarfraz · 3 min

GroupDocs Customer Newsletter – May 2015

Monthly Newsletter May, 2015 Display 50+ Common Document Types on Your Kentico Site Kentico is a popular CMS largely focused on document management. Recently we have released a plugin that allows Kentico developers to seamlessly integrate GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library into their sites. With this integration, you can let your users view documents of all common business formats, including PDF and Microsoft Office, directly within your Kentico site all without having to install any Microsoft Office software.
· Stanislav Tatarin · 4 min

Spotlight on GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET and News, September 2014

Monthly Newsletter September, 2014 Need a Reliable File Conversion API? Converting files between formats shouldn’t have to be difficult. All you want to do is to convert one format to another while retaining layout and formatting. With GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET, you get just that. Convert between over 50 formats with high-fidelity results every time. Supported formats include Microsoft Windows Office files, AutoCAD, PDF and image files. By hosting the API on your own infrastructure, you have complete control over file security and compliance.
· · 4 min

Product updates and roadmap: news from GroupDocs, July 2014

Monthly Newsletter July, 2014 Securely Sign Documents in the Cloud GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud is an API that allow developers to add secure e-signature features to their apps. Platform and language independent, the API supports different types of signatures, a variety of workflows, reminder management, contact management and signer roles. Product News GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Library Improved performance when viewing large documents. DWG file format support. Support for Amazon S3 and Azure storage.
· · 4 min