Background Brush and Stamp Brush Style Signatures Introduced in GroupDocs.Signature Cloud 18.8

We are glad to announce GroupDocs.Signature Cloud 18.8 release. This monthly release includes a number of new features and improvements. The major features offered in this release are the introduction of Background Text Brush Styles, Stamp Brush Signature and enhanced Search Signature feature along with other improvements and bug fixes. Please check the detailed release notes of this version to get an idea about all the new features, improvements and fixes added in this release.
· Muhammad Rizwan · 2 min

Next Generation GroupDocs.Signature Cloud is Coming Soon

GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud GroupDocs is leading vendor of Document manipulation APIs in market. Now, very soon we are going to introduce Next Generation GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API, that is more improved in terms of performance, usability and functionality. It will effortlessly, enable developers on different platforms to easily add signature functionality to their web-based application or website with a few simple REST API calls. GroupDocs.Signature Cloud GroupDocs.Signature Cloud is a REST API to create, verify and search different type of Signatures objects to documents in your application.
· Tilal Ahmad · 1 min