Watermark Cloud API & SDKs to Secure Documents

Good news for Cloud Developers! GroupDocs has launched the Watermark Cloud API. This enhances the GroupDocs watermark solution. It already exists as on-premises APIs for .NET and Java developers and as cross-platform online apps for any kind of user. Watermark Cloud API along with SDKs allow developers to secure important documents with watermarks, that are hard to be automatically removed by third-party tools. GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud is the REST API that provides all main features to secure the documents and managing the watermarks.
· Shoaib Khan · 3 min

First Public Release of Next Generation GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud

Recently we have shared that we are working on Next Generation GroupDocs Cloud APIs. Our product team works hard to improve your development experience with reliable and accurate solutions. So we are very much excited to announce first public release of Next Generation GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud REST API 17.11 The Groupdocs.Viewer Cloud REST API) offers a suite of useful and powerful features those enable developers to display over 50 document formats in their web/mobile apps or website in Cloud.
· Tilal Ahmad · 3 min