Simplifying Pricing for New Customers

We have updated the GroupDocs Cloud pricing structure to simplify it for new customers. Previously some API calls were “chargeable” while other API calls were not. If an API call created a document or meaningful result, then it was chargeable. If an API call did not create a document or result, then it was not chargeable. However, there were some ‘grey areas’ with certain GroupDocs Cloud products where customers were confused about whether they should be charged for some calls.

To resolve this issue we have updated our pricing to now charge for **every **API call made, regardless of what the API call does. At the same time, the cost of each API call on the new pricing scheme has been reduced by 1/3.

How does this affect Existing Customers?

Since the effect of this change is different for every customer we have not automatically switched existing customers to the new pricing. Instead as with every pricing change we have “grandfathered” existing customers who will continue to be charged based on the pricing when they signed up.

If you are an existing customer who wishes to switch to the new pricing, you can do this by visiting the “Buy Now” page within your GroupDocs Cloud account.

You can find more information on the new pricing here: