Platform as a Service (PaaS) is increasingly popular in the technology world because it offers compelling scalability and commercial opportunities. Here at GroupDocs, we’re glad to announce the launch of GroupDocs’ add-on for cloudControl – Paas solutions provider. The add-on provides an access key to the GroupDocs API that can help you build powerful applications from within the cloudControl environment. Integrate our document management API with your existing applications to manage documents effectively.


The Cloud has changed the dynamics of the IT industry. Businesses explore new ways to scale operations and reduce overheads. With virtual infrastructure (servers, database) managing documents and files is easy. GroupDocs’ API offers exciting benefits for its cloudControl users:

  • Access to API keys: Write code and build apps using API keys as variables.
  • Support multi-platforms: Client libraries for PHP, Python, Javascript and Ruby available.
  • Document management: View, sign, compare, convert, assemble or annoate documents.
  • Automatic account creation: Add-on installation on cloudControl instantly creates a GroupDocs account.
  • Save time and increase productivity: Access or share files from any device without logging into GroupDocs.

Installation and Use

Please read the Quickstart reference guide and platform documentation for assistance on installing and working with add-ons.

Why GroupDocs Cloud API

Leveraging the power of infrastructure API’s is an important aspect of application development. Project managers and developers evaluate the finer details before proceeding with a project. With increasing internet population, sharing information or creating document viewing platform is imperative for businesses to survive. GroupDocs Cloud API offers solutions to your online document management needs. Use our API Viewer to share documents online. Be it a Word, PDF or Excel file, you can view and share documents easily with no new installations. Similarly, the use of digital signature service is rising. The GroupDocs Signature API helps to collect online signature and close deals faster. Not only that, but GroupDocs Signature creates a paperless environment and serves the need for corporate social responsibility. GroupDocs’ Cloud API supports many platforms and helps build robust applications. We appreciate and value our customers’ feedback. Your suggestions can help us improve and deliver products and services effectively. Chat online or post feedback or queries on the GroupDocs Forum.