After successful launching of Next Generation GroupDocs APIs , now we are introducing Next Generation of GroupDocs Cloud APIs in few days. As these Cloud APIs are based on Next Generation GroupDocs APIs, so these are more stable and reliable REST APIs. You can enhance your app or website with the functionality for displaying, annotating, e-signing, converting and comparing 50 types of documents and images using these REST APIs. Initially we are launching following five Next Generation GroupDocs Cloud APIs:

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud is a REST API for rendering over 50 documents and image formats as HTML5 or Image formats for the whole document, page by page or custom range of pages

  • Rendering document as HTML or image for each document type
  • Rotating and reordering and watermarking pages
  • Rendering documents as PDF
  • Rendering document attachments

GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud

GroupDocs.Annotation Cloud is a REST API and universal document annotator that supports almost all common business document and image file formats. It allows you to create advanced online document annotation tools using the APIs. So users can quickly perform annotation related task. It supports almost all types of annotation of these categories:

  • Text Annotations
  • Figure Annotations

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud

GroupDocs.Signature Cloud is a secure electronic signature API that allows developer to easily add e-signature functionality to a web-based application, site or business process. This REST API empower users to create, verify and search different type of Signatures objects to documents. There are five types of supported Signature types in GroupDocs.Signature Cloud:

  • Text Signature
  • Image Signature
  • Barcode Signature
  • QR-Code Signature
  • Digital Signature

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud

GroupDocs.Comparison Cloud is a document comparison API that enables end users to compare two versions of all common business document formats e.g. PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ODT, plain text or HTML documents, without having to install the original software used to create the documents. It supports to retrieve changes, accept or reject changes and result document of comparison during document comparison.

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud is a universal document conversion API designed for easy integration into any application. It allows you to enhance your app with the capability to convert back and forth over 50 document and image file formats. Please stay tuned we will share more details shortly.