We’re excited to announce that we’ve released a GroupDocs.Viewer extension for the PimCore CMS. This extension allows you to embed the GroupDocs HTML5 document viewer into PimCore web-pages to display PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and other common business document formats. GroupDocs HTML5 document viewer renders documents on a web-page using the exact formatting styles and layout as in the original files. The viewer also has a web interface with the following features:

  • Scroll view or double page flipping.
  • Search function - allows you to quickly find text within an embedded document.
  • Thumbnail preview for easy navigation between pages.
  • Zoom in/out of a document.
  • Copy function - enables you to select and copy text to the clipboard.
  • Print and download options.

Please note that this extension integrates the cloud version of the GroupDocs HTML5 document viewer. It requires embedded documents to be hosted on the GroupDocs servers. We use Amazon EC2 infrastructure to guarantee the security of your content. However, if you prefer to host documents locally, please consider the downloadable .NET version of the viewer. The cloud-based extension can be downloaded from the Pimcore Marketplace. Also please see detailed installation instructions in our documentation portal. For more information on the extension which integrates the downloadable .NET version of the viewer, please see GroupDocs Downloads.