GroupDocs.Viewer is an HTML5-based document viewer that allows developers on different platforms seamlessly display over 50 different document types, including PDF and Microsoft Office, from within their web-based applications and websites. GroupDocs’ Marketplace team has developed modules that allow Drupal developers integrate GroupDocs.Viewer into their websites. In this post we’d like to share key features of GroupDocs.Viewer along with different integration options available for Drupal. GroupDocs.Viewer is a multi-format document viewer designed based on the client-server architecture. It converts documents to a combination of HTML markup, CSS and SVG or raster images on the server side, transfers them to clients and then renders in users’ browsers similar to regular web-pages. Such client-server architecture of the viewer provides you with the following benefits: - No need to install any software or browser plugins on end users’ machines. - End users can view documents embedded to your Drupal website using any standard web-browser, including Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari 5+. - Ability to display documents in a read-only mode. Original documents are not downloaded to clients during view sessions. End users see only web-copies of the original files. And thanks to the in-built Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature, you can easily disable the print, download and text selection options. The document types that GroupDocs.Viewer allows you to display on your Drupal website include over 50 common formats: PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, OpenDocument, RTF, CSV, TXT, as well as CAD drawing, multi-page TIFF files and many more. Since documents are converted to HTML, they are rendered as real text files, not rasterized images. This ensures texts always stay sharp even when zooming in/out of the documents in a web-browser. GroupDocs.Viewer also comes with a UI, which can be embedded to any web-page as a document viewer widget. It provides end users with controls that make it easy to read and navigate large documents directly on your website. In particular, it allows end users to scroll or turn pages like slides, preview and navigate them with thumbnails, jump straight to a specified page, search for text within documents using keywords, print and download documents, etc. There are currently available 3 GroupDocs.Viewer versions: a .NET library, a Java library and a cloud-based API. GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET and GroupDocs.Viewer for Java can be deployed on-premises and allow you to store and host documents locally. GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud is an on-demand service, which requires documents to be stored on GroupDocs servers. We use secure Amazon EC2 infrastructure to ensure security of your documents. Earlier we already announced the release of the Drupal module for the cloud version of the viewer. Today we’re pleased to inform you that we’ve released modules for the downloadable GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET and GroupDocs.Viewer for Java. Regardless of your deployment requirements, it is easy now to integrate any GroupDocs.Viewer version into Drupal CMS. For more details on the modules and installation instructions, please visit our modules’ pages on the Drupal marketplace: GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET GroupDocs.Viewer for Java GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud If you have any questions about GroupDocs.Viewer, or need help with deployment, please do not hesitate to contact us or make an enquiry via our support forum.