CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Itis used for a 3D graphics file format and may contain 2D or 3D designs. CAD file is a digital file format of an object generated and used by CAD software. A CAD file contains a technical drawing, blueprint, schematic, or 3-D rendering of an object.

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API is flexible document rendering and viewing solution for programmers and professionals to render and display widely used file formats anywhere.

Supported CAD File Formats

File Extension

File Format


MicroStation Design File


Design Web Format


Autodesk Design Data Formats


Autodesk Drawing Exchange File Format


Industry Foundation Classes File


Stereolithography File

How to Render HTML View of CAD File Formats

Our document rendering and viewing solution is empowering developer with options to render the CAD file formats in their applications with a few lines of instructions, which includes options like enlarging the output, set the height and width of the output file etc.

Here are the steps to render the HTML view of a CAD file:

  1. Upload File to a Storage.
  2. Create HTML View.
  3. Download HTML File.

1. Upload File to a Storage

The following code demonstrates how to upload files to a storage.

Now our file “three-layouts.dwf” is available under folder “viewerdocs” on storage.

2. Create HTML View

GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API does this CAD to HTML rendering in the cloud using stored files, when CAD documents are rendered, the size of the rendering result is adjusted by API automatically depending on the size of the initial document.

However, we can also set the output result files by providing the CadOptions available in GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud API such as:


Scale factor allows to change the size of the output document. Values higher than 1 will enlarge output result and values between 0 and 1 will make output result smaller. 
This option is ignored when either Height or Width options are set.


The width of the output result in pixels.


The height of the output result in pixels.

The Following code demonstrates, how to create an HTML view of a CAD file Formats.

CAD file to HTML view is created and output HTML is available in storage to download.

3. Download HTML File

The following code demonstrates, how to download a specific file.

That’s it.

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