At Groupdocs we are glad to announce another release of GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 18.5. This monthly release includes a number of new features and improvements. Some of the notable new features of this release are support of AutoFitting column width, Rendering only Print Area in Excel, Settings include/exclude hidden content along with many other new features and file formats support. The notable improvements of this release are to support Quality option when rendering Microsoft Project, rendering comments from Presentation documents, rendering metafile images into HTML and many more. Please check the detailed release notes of this version to get an idea about all the new features/enhancements and fixes made in this release.

New Features - GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud 18.5

There are nine features included in this regular monthly release. details are listed below:

Improvements and Fixes

There are eight features and one fix included in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Support Quality option when rendering Microsoft Project documents
  • Improve rendering comments from Presentation documents
  • Minify CSS content when rendering into HTML with embedded resources
  • Add prefix for CSS classes when rendering Email messages
  • Improve rendering metafile images into HTML
  • Extend support for Show Hidden Slides option to Open Document Presentation
  • Exporting contained images when rendering SVG to HTML
  • Improve rendering MS OneNote documents into HTML by providing pure HTML and SVG
  • Error when installing PHP SDK with Composer - Fix

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