C# GIF Watermarker

Do you know those little GIFs that bring some excitement to your chats? Well, we’ve got a cool trick for you. Be ready to put your own words on them! In this blog post, we’ll explain how to do it using C# programming and REST API. It’s easier than you might think, even if you’re not familiar with tech stuff. Get ready to level up your GIF game!

Step 1: Set Up C# GIF Watermarker SDK

First, ensure that you have the GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud SDK for .NET set up in your project. You can add this SDK to your project through the NuGet package manager, or by utilizing the subsequent command in the .NET CLI:

dotnet add package GroupDocs.Watermark-Cloud --version 23.4.0

Step 2: Commence the Initialization of the API Client

To set up the API client, kindly obtain your Client ID and Client Secret from the dashboard, and then insert the provided code as demonstrated below:

Step 3: Uploading the GIF Image

Before applying a watermark to a GIF image, it’s necessary to upload a GIF image where you intend to add the watermark. You can accomplish this by employing any of the subsequent methods to upload the file to cloud storage:

  • Upload all files one by one using Upload File API from the browser.
  • Using the dashboard.
  • Upload programmatically using the code example given below:

As a result, the uploaded files will be available in the [files section][https://dashboard.groupdocs.cloud/files] of your dashboard on the cloud.

Step 4: Create Overlay Text on a GIF using C#

Here are the steps and sample code that shows how to add a watermark to a GIF image in C# using GIF watermarking REST API.

  • First: Obtain credentials (AppKey and AppSID).
  • Next: Configure API and initialize WatermarkApi.
  • Next: Specify GIF file path.
  • Next: Define watermark options (text, font, size).
  • Next: Create request.
  • Last: Add the watermark using the API.

The following code example shows how to insert a watermark to a GIF image in C# using GIF watermarking REST API.

You’ll see the output in the following screenshot:

Overlay Text on GIF

Step 5: Download Resultant GIF File

The code given in the previous step saves the resultant file on the cloud. To download it, you can use the following code snippet.


By the end of this blog post, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to integrate overlay text onto GIFs using GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud REST API and its C# SDK. Get ready to elevate your GIFs and captivate your audience with dynamic and engaging visual content.

The GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud SDK for .NET streamlines the process and offers a range of customization choices. You’re encouraged to delve into the documentation and try out diverse configurations to craft watermarks on your images or documents that perfectly match your branding needs.

Moreover, you’ll find an API reference section enabling direct visualization and interaction with our APIs directly from your browser. The comprehensive source code of the C# SDK is openly accessible on Github.

Ultimately, our efforts persist in generating novel blog content centered around distinct file formats and their parsing through REST API. Stay engaged for the latest happenings. Wishing you coding success and satisfaction!

Free Online GIF Watermarker App

For a complimentary way to add overlay text to GIFs, give the online GIF watermarking application a whirl. This GIF watermarking tool is created using the previously mentioned C# watermark library.

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