GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud Product Family

Good news for Cloud Developers! GroupDocs has launched the Watermark Cloud API. This enhances the GroupDocs watermark solution. It already exists as on-premises APIs for .NET and Java developers and as cross-platform online apps for any kind of user. Watermark Cloud API along with SDKs allow developers to secure important documents with watermarks, that are hard to be automatically removed by third-party tools.

GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud is the REST API that provides all main features to secure the documents and managing the watermarks. Some of the important features include; add image or text watermarks, remove the already added watermarks, replace or search watermarks in all the supported formats.

Supported Document Types

Here are the currently supported document formats. You can visit the documentation for GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud any time to have a complete idea about the specific feature, that is available for any of the supported document formats.

SDKs and Samples

Along with the watermark REST API, GroupDocs also provides open-source SDKs that can even be self-customized according to the requirements. Developers can use the relevant SDK to speed up the development, without worrying about low-level details of making a request and handling the responses. Currently, we have launched the below-mentioned SDKs along with the samples. These SDKs and examples are also available on GitHub:

Here are some examples to get a better idea. For more examples, either you can visit the [documentation][10] pages or visit the relevant [GitHub repository][11].

Add Image Watermark to Word Document in Java

Here you can see a Java code example to add a watermark to a Word document using [GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud SDK for Java][12].

Remove Watermark from a PDF document in C#

Below is the code snippet that shows how you can quickly remove any watermark from a PDF document in CSharp using [GroupDocs.Watermark Cloud SDK for .NET][13].

Replace Watermark in a PDF document using Java

Here is the Java example to show how you can replace the identified watermark properties. Watermark image, text or text appearance options like its font, size, color, etc can be easily replaced.

Search Watermarks in Documents using C#

The REST API provides a rich set of search criteria to find the possible image and text watermarks in the target document.


Here are some important links to the relevant resources. Even then, if you feel any difficulty or confusion, you can freely contact us on the [forum][14].

Good to see you here for [watermarks][15].

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